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Get to know Pega Customer Service

Learn how Pega Customer Service can help you digitally transform your service experience for greater customer engagement and efficiency.


Hey. Yeah, you in the scarf. That was your bank, right? They got you a refund for that ax throwing class you have to miss to see your friend's improv show. Sent you a text with your updated balance. Pretty slick, right? Easy. Makes you feel pretty good about your bank. The thing is, it takes a lot of behind the scenes fixing to make it that easy for you. Meet Melissa Bowman, senior director of client servicing. She put in a lot of long hours to make it possible. Take a look at how it all went down. You know, more or less. See, Melissa had to design a customer journey that cut across silos. No, not those silos; these silos. Business silos, organizational silos, silos that, when they aren't talking to each other, muddle up the whole experience. But Melissa had a secret weapon: a fixer. Pega Customer Service is built for silo smashing.

It's the only customer service app built with end-to-end robotic automation. Yeah, you heard me. Software robots that can automate stuff like getting data in and out of messy legacy systems. And with real-time omni-channel AI, Pega knows why you're calling, recognizes you as a valued customer, and automatically approves you for a pre-credit. So by barely lifting her finger, Melissa can get you that refund. It even knows that now might be a good time to offer you that car loan. Pega can provide all of these services through many different channels: Your phone, Facebook, in a cool chat bot, and of course, when you call the contact center. Pega customer service isn't just for banks. Your wireless company, your health plan, the airline flying that plane, they all use Pega customer service to fix the behind-the-scenes technical stuff so you can get the outcomes you want. Pretty cool, huh? You know what that means, Darren?

Game voice: You win.


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