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Change Your Business with Self-optimizing AI

It’s a wild AI world out there! Let us help you tame it – to inform, simplify, and personalize customer engagement. Dr. Rob Walker, talks about the fast-changing potential of AI in personalization and customer engagement, how to apply the right AI to the right problem, how to incorporate generative AI models in customer engagement, and where to be careful.

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Wow. A couple of things happened in AI since I last spoke on this stage. Now, of course, gen AI is the new kid on the block, on every block. I mean, these large language models have ingested billions of documents. They have, all of Wikipedia in all its languages, is just a fraction of its input and it has created patterns it can't fully explain, much like humans. Humans, even intelligent humans, can only balance seven different elements, seven different factors in their mind when they need to form a strategy or a decision. Whereas AI, of course, can do this with thousands of elements, factor them all in, fact check them against the data, still give you answers in milliseconds. Whatever the quality of state of the art AI decisions is, 75% of us will still take human decisions over AI decisions. Let's take this stat into a business context, specifically customer engagement. Because in that realm, billions of decisions are made in the area of marketing and personalization and customer experience.

And all of those decisions, whether they are made by artificial intelligence or original intelligence, directly affect your customers. Let me introduce you to Miranda. So she's a customer of a bank and contrary to what some MarTech providers like to believe, she's not actually always following the happy journeys of her bank because she has her own thank you very much. And, sure, she may need a mortgage at some point, but it will be on her schedule, in her preferred channels and new priorities can make her change her mind on a dime. To effectively gauge with someone like Miranda, you need a much more sophisticated, real-time engagement and AI driven orchestration. And we, of course, have been doing that with the customer decision hub. Next best action, of course, determines what to talk to Miranda about, but how to talk to her, that's a different story and that's where gen AI can really help these large language models.

Gen AI can save everyone a lot of time by creating these journeys and then pre-populating them with actions that it believes are a really good start and then the humans would get in the loop. And all of this is in the '23 release. Listen, I think this is extremely cool stuff. I think really we are all here at the dawn of a new age.


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