Pega Sales Automation for Healthcare

 Simplify, tailor, and optimize every healthcare sales journey with
Pega Sales Automation for Healthcare


Shorten sales cycles for commercial and government-sponsored healthcare products and coverage with end-to-end process automation for group and individual business.


Manage market complexity, maintain compliance, and get new programs to market faster. With Pega, you can tune and extend your sales platform to meet rapidly changing needs.


Guide and support the sales journey for brokers, sales representatives, and consumers to create winning sales experiences across all marketplaces, channels, and devices — and seal more deals.
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Healthcare Sales Automation

Streamline new business acquisition and renewals with end-to-end sales processing for commercial and government-sponsored health coverage. Pega’s stage-based automation and reporting slash sales cycles and bring visibility to sales performance, so agents can focus on the best opportunities.
Seal more deals with

Guided Healthcare Sales

Pega intelligently guides healthcare consumers, brokers, and inside sales agents through the sales cycle, simplifying and personalizing every sales journey. Context-driven navigation tailors and simplifies sales across all marketplaces, communication channels, and devices.
Drive engagement with

Convenience Capabilities

Satisfy and support your sales teams by making it easier for them to do business. Email and calendar integration, dashboard personalization, and user preference capabilities like favorite census retrieval make Pega a favorite in broker and other distribution channels.
Take control with

An Agile Sales Platform

Pega empowers healthcare organizations to respond and stay synchronized with constantly changing regulatory, competitive, and market demands. Rapidly change your sales processes, lead assignment logic, and more to ensure to stay competitive, compliant, and in control.
Adapt and comply with

On Premise or On Cloud

With Pega, you can grow your business while also supporting HIPAA compliance. Choose traditional on-premise deployments or Pega’s cloud platform, with a turnkey service providing immediate access to create, test, deploy, and manage applications.

Additional Product Features

Step by step, from lead capture to enrollment, for medical, dental, vision and Rx coverage.
Pega Healthcare CRM applications are powered by Pega 7, for support across the customer lifecycle.
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