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Case Study

MUFG Bank: Improving the collation and efficiency of payment processes

  • Automation of project management using the case management system

  • Eliminate dependency on paper and MS-Excel through digital revolution

  • Standardize operations and strengthen compliance on a global level

"We chose Pega out of a number of other programs because it was considered a highly reliable platform for businesses in the US, as well as an efficient application development method which decreases development time. It only took one year from the moment we chose Pega to the day of release, a speed other systems could not compare to."

The Business Issue

MUFG Bank are always building on their business strategies to strengthen their transaction banking as well as to strengthen their cross-border business and improve regional cooperation.

The settlement procedures are a key part of this. High level workplace compliance is required while at the same time being able to efficiently investigate various procedures across branches and regions is paramount. They thought that implementing a case management system that could react to increasing operations would be indispensable.

The Solution

The process for settlement procedure queries was completely re-designed using the case management system in order to create a digital revolution that removed the need for paper and Excel.

In prior systems humans identified an alert, manually investigated the case, and then issued a voucher. Pegasystems transformed this process using data from the previous system so that queries and voucher issuing became automated. Requests between branches, team members, and management are no longer conducted manually through email, now Pega automates requests and administrates them through the case management system. The company's progress management and deadline management was automated based on service level definitions. When the system observes emergency cases and progress delays it reacts quickly and automatically sends an alert to the person in charge. The history of business correspondences are also tracked by Pega which can also automatically provide an audit report for those who need them. This was how the whole process was redesigned to automate tasks as much as possible.

The Results

On the business side, digitalization using the Pega Management System has removed potential risks caused by human error and work overload due to the use of Excel and paper documents. Business collation and efficiency has increased exponentially.

On the system development side, MUFG took advantage of Pega's driving model (non-coding) which allowed them to implement efficient software developments quickly.

Now there are plans to begin implementing these systems sequentially starting in Tokyo and Singapore, standardizing business on a global scale to improve manageability and visibility. One important theme is the response to needs particular to each location. We predict that once the Pegasystems' patented technology, the Situational Layer Cake, is used its efficiency will be realized.

  • Enhance business compliance and increase efficiency.
  • Coexistence of global standardization and local needs.
  • Improve the productivity and flexibility of developing systems.

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