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Case Study

Etisalat: Combining digital, inbound, outbound, and event-based marketing

  • Improved profitability
  • Increased conversion rates and decreased acquisition costs
  • Reduced targeting time

"The next pillar is the real-time marketing…reaching the right customer at the right time. That moment of truth increases our results by three times. That's the power that Pega drives for us."

Orijit Mitra Manager - Customer Value Management, Etisalat

The Business Issue

The SMB division of Etisalat is headquartered in Dubai, UAE – and is focused on sales and retention of small to medium enterprises.

They needed to increase campaign close rates, reduce time identifying leads, and decrease cost of customer acquisition.

However, disconnected systems and siloed data made this task nearly impossible. As a result, Etisalat often missed their window of opportunity to sell, or offered the customer a bundle that was not ideally suited to their needs.

The Solution

Etisalat now uses Pega’s next-best-action technology to prioritize leads for their outbound calling teams—arming them with prioritized contact lists and personalized offer recommendations for each account. They also leverage Pega’s bundling capabilities–giving agents the flexibility to create relevant & valuable product combinations, on the fly.

In addition, Etisalat’s SMB Group uses Pega Marketing in their email, SMS and mobile channels to automatically trigger messages based on geo-fencing and mobile location or based on customer context, such as when they’re approaching the end of their contract or nearing a data limit.

The Results

Since implementing Pega, they’ve seen:

  • 3X increase in conversion
  • 27% increase in annual tele-sales revenues
  • 20% increase in renewals
  • 15% reduction in customer churn

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  • Industry: Communications Service Providers
  • Product Area: Pega Marketing
  • Challenge: Cross-Selling/Up-Selling
  • Challenge: Customer Retention