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Cisco provides world class customer service with Pega

"The thing I like about Pega, as we’ve gone on this journey, is the integrated platform and all of the capabilities we have there. We keep discovering how we can push the envelope. And so far, we’ve not found a limit to that boundary of how far Pega can take us."

The Business Issue

Cisco helps run the fastest data networks for the largest companies in the world. If their network goes down, businesses come to a screeching halt. Their customers expect world class customer service. To Cisco, world class customer service means being able to set customer expectations, meet those expectations 100% of the time, and deliver service predictability that customers yearn for. By Partnering with Pega, Cisco has digitized their customer service function to provide real-time “sense and respond” across their global service chain. They have done this by employing intelligent routing and service automation to deliver the accuracy, consistency and quick responsiveness that customers demand.

The Solution

With Pega, Cisco digitized their end-to-end customer service model. With Pega’s intent driven user interface, Cisco provides a frictionless customer experience. Through process automation, they have eliminated 4 million hours of customer wait time and up to 93% of human touch on non-value added work. They have cut service costs by 80%. Using intelligent routing, Cisco is assured to route service inquiries to the most appropriate service agent 100% of the time. As a result they have reduced their average handling time from 45 minutes to 20 minutes and increased team overall productivity by 25%.

The Results

  • Removed human touch across 93% of cases
  • 80% cost savings
  • Queue wait time decreased from 3.4 hours to <5 minutes
  • Reduced handle time from 45 minutes to 20 minutes
  • Improved dispute management by 12% and team productivity by 25%
  • Resolution time decreased from 72 hours to 6 hours

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