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Estudo de caso

Cisco oferece atendimento ao cliente de alto nível com a Pega.

  • Sought to reallocate employees from working on customer cases to driving engagement and outcomes
  • Automated processes and implemented intelligent routing to match cases with the right agents
  • Reduced need for agent in 88% of cases

“Traditionally, we've been using Salesforce as our case platform, but we found that that didn't give us the end-to-end process consistency that we were looking for, so this is part of the change.”

The Business Issue

Cisco is on a digital transformation journey to reinvent its customer engagement. The technology company, which books about two million orders a year, was looking to focus more on subscription models, leasing agreements, and enterprise agreements. This switch in focus required digital transformation that would allow Cisco to operate its legacy business at scale.

It was time to make significant changes to the way the company engaged its customers. Cisco needed to free up resources from back office work and reassign those employees to help deliver outcomes for customers, cutting the back-office staff by more than half. To achieve this goal, the company would need to drive efficiencies, cut costs from the legacy model, and reinvest in new tools and processes to continue to drive the momentum in its digital transformation.

The Solution

To accomplish engagement at scale and proactively address customer challenges, Cisco would need an end-to-end platform that could tie together data, predictive analytics, and automated execution.

Cisco added Pega Customer Service™ and Pega Customer Decision Hub™, on top of the existing automation capabilities, to accomplish more meaningful engagement with its customers. Cisco can now capture the customer’s intent and use intelligent routing to pass the customer to the right agent with the right knowledge of a particular case type.

By automating many tasks partially or fully, Cisco reduced the need for agent involvement for most cases. With digitized or guided workflows, an agent – when needed – will perform the action consistently, regardless of which channel a customer uses to engage.

The Results

  • Reallocated 60% of back-office staff to focus on outcomes and boost customer engagement
  • Consolidated customer service tools into a single pane, reducing more than 1,000 alt tabs a day
  • Fully or partially automated processes so agents never have to touch 88% of orders
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