Claims Management Software

What Is Claims Management Software?

Insurers, healthcare providers, and manufacturing companies need claims processing operations that are customer-focused, cost-effective, and adaptable. Leading businesses in those industries would utilize insurance claims management software to eliminate operational inefficacies and legacy issues, reduce maintenance and training costs, and improve the customer experience.

Claims management software enables organizations to build and deploy automated end-to-end claims processes that are highly intelligent, agile, and ready to deliver ROI. Claims software should allow companies to easily create intelligent, dynamic business rules that fully capture company objectives and best practices, and use those rules to drive automated processes that apply the best thinking consistently across organizations.


Case Lifecycle Management

Pega provides tools for business people to define the major steps of how work gets done.


Claims Management for Life Insurance

Improve claim accuracy and consistency while reducing costs.

Pega Claims Management Delivers Intelligent Automation

Automated processes can only be as intelligent as the business rules that drive them, and the Pega BPM platform delivers business rules functionality that far surpasses competing solutions in sophistication and flexibility. More than any other process management solution, Pega BPM empowers business users to create new automated processes and services with minimal reliance on IT staff.

With Pega’s patented Build For Change® technology, you can quickly adapt your claims processing software and other software solutions to keep up with changes in business objectives or the marketplace.

Additionally Pega BPM integrates seamlessly with your existing enterprise systems, to facilitate rapid deployment. Pega’s solution frameworks for claims processing software, and other types of management software, provides a foundation of industry best practices upon which your business can quickly create its own customized applications.

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