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Agile goes mainstream

Tech speed. Business savvy. The best of both worlds.

Agile isn’t just for developers these days. It’s for anyone who wants to brainstorm, model, build, and collaborate – on any application, without any roadblocks. Comp Sci degree not required.

"What really excites me about Pega is the fact that you can build for today but design for tomorrow. We're always thinking what's the next problem we're going to solve."

Innovate & outpace competitors

Agile began as a set of principles for software development, but it’s become much more. Today, Agile is not just a tech movement – it’s a business imperative.

Why? Because every application you create is powered by a business need. Otherwise, it’s like a car without an engine: going nowhere. Agile may be a way to develop applications, but you need to keep your business goals in the driver’s seat.

Those business goals can change fast, so if you want to stay competitive in today’s cutthroat markets, you’ll need a nimble, flexible development approach. With Agile, you can quickly capture feedback, then turn it into action – developing innovative applications your customers will not only use, but love.

Learn how Cisco balanced a legacy environment with the need for speed.

Capture the elements that define your business, allowing business and IT to collaborate through a common visual model.

Collaborate better

Agile is rooted in collaboration, and not only between developers and IT. Imagine bringing every part of your business closer to every stage of the development cycle.

Old world: Business defines. IT builds.

New world: Business defines and co-builds. IT enables and innovates.

Adopting Agile methodology is one thing, but gathering requirements is another. Avoid long days of meetings, discussions, and iteration on documents. Instead, make in-app updates and incorporate feedback in real time, all using a visual language and paradigms that both business and technical users understand. This is the new way. This is the Pega way.

Achieve that biz-tech balance

When you blend complex, nimble technology and strategic business smarts, everyone is more productive – no matter where they sit. A development platform designed to be agile closes the gaps between biz and tech:

  • It’s fast. Think click, scroll, and done. Whether you’re adjusting the UI or adding a chatbot, your tools can be as flexible and fast-moving as your ideas.
  • It’s accessible. The right platform offers a purely visual option for development that’s intuitive for all. And on the tech side, it’s powerful enough for developers to create, reuse, and innovate with ultimate efficiency.
  • It’s integrated and intuitive. Don’t waste time on a steep learning curve. An ideal platform can not only meet everyone’s needs, but predict them – and fit seamlessly into all kinds of workflows.

At Pega, we offer a low-code development platform that does all of this and more – providing real-time, continuous hand-off between business and tech users every step of the way.

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Product Detail

Learn how Pega’s Agile Workbench connects business and IT through real-time agile methodology.

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Customer Case Studies

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"Pega allows you to rapidly change. We could only make changes four times a year. Now…we make weekly changes."

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Make Agile work for your business with Pega

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