Directly Capture Objectives (DCO)

The ability to directly and visually capture business requirements changes the way business and IT collaborate.

Business application requirements gathering is famously hard. It’s hard for IT to sort out business priorities and get the details they need from busy business people. It’s hard for business executives to sign off on 600-page documents of requirements. Overall, the process is exhausting, filled with meetings where “minutes are kept and hours are lost.” No wonder industry stats report that 70% of IT systems fail to meet business requirements.

There is a better way; we call it DCO – Directly Capture Objectives. Instead of creating mountains of requirements documents, business people and IT use a shared visual model that can automatically generate the documentation you need.

DCO dramatically increases both the speed and accuracy with which applications are delivered and it also helps better engage with business in the enterprise projects.

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Pega allows you to build powerful applications that deliver on your business objectives in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional approaches.


DCO is designed to facilitate and enhance Business and Technology collaboration for better and faster workflow solutions, and is one of the fundamental building blocks of successful BPM solutions.

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