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Salesforce Alternative Salesforce Alternative

Meet the Salesforce.com alternative

Don’t fall for the #Salesfarce hype. See why many are now choosing Pega.

Considering Salesforce.com? You may want to have a second look. If your business is trying to raise the bar for customer engagement, there’s a real alternative: Pega.

"So far, we've not found a limit to that boundary of how far Pega can take us."

Steve Power Senior Director, Order Management Services

Real AI. Real results.

Pega’s artificial intelligence has transformed customer engagement. Our proven real-time AI touches hundreds of millions of customers across hundreds of leading brands, and has driven billions of dollars of business value.

We’re happy to see other vendors jump on the AI bandwagon. Unfortunately, many are scrambling to cobble together AI stories – hoping you don’t look under the covers. Don’t be taken by cuddly cartoons and executive tall-tales that promise AI futures – yet to be fully released – much less integrated.

Choose real AI. Proven AI. Transparent AI. From Pega. And get real results.

Artificial Intelligence
Upgrade every customer interaction with real-time artificial intelligence
Robotic Automation
Drive real automation for your enterprise

Pega robotics and intelligence solutions empower your business to achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity.

Real automation to get work done

Customer engagement takes more than a pretty screen. You have to be able to get work done on behalf of your customer. To start, you need to think end-to-end. That means stepping into your customers’ shoes and understanding the outcomes they want.

What work needs to be done to get there? Who needs to be involved? What silos need to be smashed? Unfortunately, Salesforce was never built to get work done. It was built to store customer records on the cloud, disconnected from the rest of your business.

Pega’s award-winning case management is your secret weapon for getting work done. Cases are outcome-driven, like an order to be fulfilled or a new account to be opened.They integrate across systems, automatically pulling in the data required to move work through your systems. They bring together AI, BPM, and robotics to automate everything from simple tasks to unpredictable processes. So not only can you think end-to-end, you can work that way too.

Cloud choice. Not cloud cuffs.

Don’t get locked into a multi-tenant cloud architecture. The choice of where to run your applications should be YOURS, not your vendor’s. Pega lets you:

  • Run where you want – our cloud, your cloud, a partner’s cloud, anywhere
  • Customize – the way you want, unconstrained by limits
  • Move at any time – to your cloud or ours, vice versa, or even on premise

With Pega, you deploy on any cloud you like. Pega Cloud delivers enterprise-ready services in an environment you don’t have to share. You can also choose to run Pega on another public cloud, a private cloud, or any combination thereof.

Why would ANY business willingly become locked-in to one vendor’s cloud? Avoid the trap.

Cloud Choice
How Pega delivers cloud choice

Pega frees you from the governors and limits of a multi-tenant cloud to run your business the way you want.

"Pega Customer Service received the highest reference customer rating for BPM, workflow, customer usability, adoption and management of complex cases of any comparable CEC product in this Magic Quadrant."

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Crush complexity with enterprise-grade ease

Your business has complex needs. You’re not a small business, or a Silicon Valley start-up. You need to be able to innovate with custom-fit applications – at scale – to serve your complete enterprise.

Unlike Salesforce, which grew-up serving tiny companies with no IT resources – Pega earned its stripes on decades of experience engineering world class software, taking on the most difficult and complex problems for the largest enterprises – just like yours.

Pega is built for complexity. For extensibility. For flexibility. For YOU.

One solution. Unified from the start.

Be afraid of companies that have acquired their way to RFP greatness. These “Frankenstacks” – and Frankenclouds – make you wire their technology together. They are brittle, unable to scale, and so complicated that change becomes impossible.

When you step up to Pega, you reap the benefits of ONE single code base, across all of its customer engagement products. Whether you choose to license Pega Marketing, Pega Sales Automation, Pega Customer Service, its AI-based Pega Customer Decision Hub or the powerful Pega Platform – it is one solution.

This means faster time to value and ease of scale across your business. In fact, if you decide to deploy another Pega product at any time, all you need is a license key – there is no new software to install or clouds to buy.

Don’t take it from us. Talk to any Salesforce customer or industry analyst – and get the real story.

Unified Platform

Pega delivers industry-leading case management, BPM, robotic automation, AI, and decisioning in a single engine.

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Pega Marketing vs. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Pega Sales Automation vs. Salesforce Sales Cloud

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Pega Customer Service vs. Salesforce Service Cloud

Code free

Salesforce forces you to write complex code to customize your environment. It’s slow. It’s expensive. And it fails to deliver.

Step out of the stone age. With Pega, you don’t need engineers to “code” apps – business and IT design software together using groundbreaking visual tools. No more requirements docs or spec sheets that nobody ever reads – you capture everything directly in Pega’s visual models. And once you design it, Pega automatically generates and tunes the software for you. That’s right: it’s software that writes your software, so you don’t have to.

Pega is a new generation of software for businesses that are in the business of getting business done.

Apps built in Pega go live 6.4x faster than coded apps. Change in Pega is 8x faster. It’s time to future-proof your business with Pega.

Change the way you build software

Stop dreaming. Start doing.

Get Future Empowered

Pega has REAL products that can transform your customer experience – today. In fact, Pega clients are often able to get up and running in 90 days or less.