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Demand flexibility. Demand cloud choice.

Don’t get locked into a multi-tenant cloud architecture not built for the needs of the enterprise. Pega jump-starts ROI, while preserving your ability to control, configure, and connect as you need.

Cloud Choice

Demand flexibility. Demand cloud choice.

The speed and ease you want. The control and security you need.

Don’t get locked into a multi-tenant cloud architecture not built for the needs of the enterprise. Pega jump-starts ROI, while preserving your ability to control, configure, and connect as you need.

The Pega Cloud is available 24x7. We’ve never seen a problem. I’m telling you this application is running 24x7 across the world. We have zero downtime.

Pam Gieg Senior Lean/Sigma Leader

Cloud built for your needs – not ours

The cloud can seem magical. It makes operational headaches disappear. You wave a wand and – poof – an application, ready to go.

This cloud magic is often just sleight of hand. To get speed, you give up flexibility. To get ease, you give up control. You code around governors built to protect the vendor’s business – not yours. You start fast, only to find your app won’t scale to meet the security and data demands of the enterprise.

We believe cloud should come with choice. The choice to:

  • Run where you want – our cloud, your cloud, a partner’s cloud
  • Customize the way you want, unconstrained by limits
  • Move from your cloud to ours, vice versa, or even to (gasp!) on premise if it makes sense for your business
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Cloud choice, not cloud lock-in

Pega delivers cloud choice

Cloud isn’t “one size fits all.” With Pega, you have the flexibility to build the model that works for you.

  • For the fastest ROI, run our cloud – Pega Cloud – powered by modern Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure and a certified, global operations team
  • For maximum control and connectivity, deploy a cloud you manage and keep your applications close to your existing systems
  • If you have existing partnerships, deploy on their clouds

Whatever you choose, you aren’t locked in. You can move from one to the other. Start development on Pega Cloud and deploy on premise. Mix and match with different applications – with different needs – deployed on different clouds.

Gartner predicts that by 2020, 90 percent of organizations will adopt hybrid infrastructure management capabilities.

Gartner, Predicts 2017: Infrastructure Services Become Hybrid Infrastructure Services, 18 November 2016
Cloud Choice Guide

A guide to selecting the right cloud option

Explore Pega’s cloud options to decide what’s right for your business.

Cloud Options

Pega Cloud

Trusted and reliable service architected for the Pega Platform, Pega CRM, and industry applications.

Learn more

Partner-Managed Cloud

Our cloud partners can build a custom solution to effectively manage your business’ experience.

Learn more

Customer-Managed Cloud

Customers keep control over their operations while exploiting the power of the cloud.

Learn more

Diagnostic Cloud

AI-driven diagnostics that guide Pega app optimization across all of your clouds.

View data sheet

Pega Cloud: Industrial-Strength Speed

If you want the fastest path to smarter decisions and powerful automation, go with Pega Cloud.

We built Pega Cloud from the ground up for the enterprise leveraging the latest AWS technology: virtual private cloud (VPC) instances for protection and control; automated operations designed by Pega experts to exploit Pega’s no-code advantage.

With Pega Cloud, you get reliable service certified by independent auditors. You get 24x7 concierge service with global reach and regional dedication. You get industry-leading security and separation between Pega environments and your data.

We do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on building and configuring applications that become your competitive advantage.

Cloud Security

Pega Trust Center

Pega Cloud Services meet the requirements of leading compliance or audit standards.

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Our customers require a higher level of security, and Pega exceeds those requirements.

David Hodge Senior Vice President, IT

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