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Artificial Intelligence

AI decision-making: Beyond the hype

Real-time AI isn’t just a trend – it’s a way to transform your customer experience. We’ve gathered experts, best practices, and examples to show you how.

"With Pega, we’re omni-channel in our next-best-action approach. It’s about being one voice, one brand, for the customer – regardless of channel."

The power of AI

When artificial intelligence (AI) is trusted to interact independently with customers across the enterprise and learn from those interactions, it enables organizations to deliver better customer experiences, better employee experiences, and better business outcomes. AI enables businesses to:

  • Ensure every decision across customer engagement, customer service, and back-office operations is aligned to the top-level business strategy.
  • Improve customer experiences with increased relevance and better personalization across all channels; mobile, email, web, direct mail, chat, IVR, retail or branch, paid media, search, SMS, and beyond.
  • Continuously project and compare opportunity costs to prioritize growth metrics like customer lifetime value.
  • Maintain the balance of human relationships versus business performance.
Boost conversion


AI in the enterprise

No matter the industry, artificial intelligence is making its way into just about every business process.

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Real Time Decisioning with Pega

When new customer data comes in through any channel or data stream, we analyze it for patterns - and immediately use it to “decision” that customer.

Artificial intelligence. Real relationships.

True one-to-one customer engagement isn’t just what organizations aspire to – it’s what consumers now demand. Enter AI. When used wisely, artificial intelligence yields a deeper understanding of customers across different contexts and channels and allows organizations to deepen customer relationships with truly personalized engagements.

AI can read signals and sense your customer’s unique intent – to purchase, upgrade, or even cancel – before they act. Powered by real-time data, AI can serve up unique, relevant offers automatically, or guide frontline employees to make the right offer at the right time. In highly regulated industries, AI can also be an invaluable transparency tool to demonstrate why you are presenting particular offers to specific customers and prove that no unconscious bias is at work.

Put your data to work with Process AI

The volume and velocity of the data that organizations handle each day is staggering. That data is an organizations’ biggest asset, but it’s only valuable if you can act on it to drive optimal business outcomes.

With Process AI, artificial intelligence enables business agility by ingesting data, reacting to it, and making decisions in real time to address customer needs and business requirements. Improve workflows, simplify complex processes, and identify and create impactful customer engagements by:

  • Reducing customer churn by preemptively addressing delays and service issues, and determining the ideal actions for each individual customer.
  • Using natural language processing, intent signals, and predictive analytics to help agents get to next best actions fast – improving productivity and the customer experience.
  • Eliminating manual work and streamlining operations, freeing up employees to solve more complex problems that require a human touch.
Amazing AI Meets Everyday Application

With AI powering more of our everyday moments, how can we use this amazing tech to make life better for our customers?

White Paper

AI in business: Balancing risk and reward

Optimizing AI for maximum benefit requires an approach that balances safety with effectiveness through judicious control.

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Building powerful, yet transparent omni-channel AI

AI has the potential to significantly improve the way your organization works, from decision-making to culture to bottom-line benefits. But don’t make the mistake of only applying AI in a few customer use cases, feeding it with data once a week and locking it away from the rest of the company. 

The most compelling success stories come from organizations where AI is fueled by real-time data, delivered across all customer channels, and flexible enough to become more transparent when the situation demands. Getting there means combining several different AI capabilities, including:

  • Machine learning algorithms that can self-optimize and allow customers to see the best contextual offers – then improve in real time as the customer emits new signals
  • Predictive analytics, which pulls information from existing data sets to see patterns and predict outcomes
  • Business rules technology, which ensures the right offers are prioritized, regulations followed, and customers respected
  • Drag-and-drop visual tools, so businesspeople can easily connect big data and machine learning algorithms to their decision strategies
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Modernize business with generative AI

The future of business will be powered by generative AI. In the next 3¬–5 years, organizations will need to evolve to achieve the scale and efficiency required by escalating customer expectations. Generative AI has the power to do just that.

Generative AI will revolutionize the enterprise by automating processes that span functional business areas enabling organizations to:

  • Improve the customer experience by creating personalized, relevant content faster, at a higher margin – and activate it across touchpoints.
  • Embed generative AI into your workflows and applications within minutes to increase productivity, mitigate risks, and protect customer privacy.
  • Use AI as a copilot for frontline employees to guide customer interactions with real-time data, knowledge-based articles, recommendations, and training scenarios.
  • Ensure end-to-end visibility in back-office operations by automating operational data, speeding up processes and workflows while monitoring AI performance.
The technology singularity in healthcare and life sciences

Blog Post

The future of business will be powered by Generative AI

Generative AI technologies will revolutionize all aspects of business – provided they can be applied in a responsible way.

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“With the intelligence of the Pega Platform, we can not only propose the next best step to a customer but also anticipate how their behavior could change.”

Three self-learning approaches

Using Pega Customer Decision Hub

Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Next best conversations

Launched 250 adaptive models to production in one week

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Always-on marketing

Using streaming data to learn and adapt to customer intent

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Supercharge agents

Shift from selling to retaining based on CLV and churn likelihood

Explore what's possible with Pega for AI decisioning

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