Sales Automation

Territory, Product, and Partner Management

Set, optimize and manage territories

Pega Sales Automation allows you to set up sales territories based on customer and market characteristics and define who owns what sales channels. Plan, map, and assign leads and opportunities to maximize coverage and productivity.

territory management software

Partner management

A partner portal allows parent companies to gain insight into the deals, sales activities, and forecasts in the channel. Modelling a partner organization’s tiered structure and granting granular access is easy as well as delegating user and territory administration to the local sales ops users at the partner organization.

Manage agents, brokers, and direct sellers

Establish hierarchies, different types and levels of sales territories, and specific account assignments based on the enterprise's strategies for growing revenue, margin or specific products.

Model product goals

Establish product goals, their alignment to your sales channels, prices, and active or inactive status. Permission rules further identify the specific reps or agents that are assigned to the products, the information they are authorized to see, and the status of the business.

product management software