Sales Automation

Intelligent Guided Selling

Leverage the power of your sales and CRM data

Pega Sales Automation can systematically guide every rep using data from your enterprise systems as well as Pega’s Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service applications. Power your sales with a blend of predictive analytics, knowledge management, and customizable process flows for different sales scenarios.

Personalize and streamline the sales process

Intelligent guided selling allows you to model different sales methodologies for different sales teams (e.g. inside sellers versus external sellers, or agents versus direct reps). This means you can quickly configure and change sales methodologies based on market conditions, distribution and sales channels, or changes in sales procedures, while still ensuring the end to end process is streamlined and efficient.

Improve rep effectiveness

Capture and apply best practices and use marketing, sales, customer service and enterprise data to personalize rep actions and offers. Every rep can be your best rep and unlock the potential in their customer and prospect base.

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Sales Automation