Sales Automation

Intelligent Guided Selling

Leverage the power of AI and business process management

Pega uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify new leads, accelerate opportunity progression, generate net new sales from existing clients, and improve close probability. The workflow engine helps sellers fulfill requests, nurture prospects, and complete required activities even with external systems. Take advantage of Pega’s best-practice sales processes or configure to meet your own needs.

intelligent guided selling software

Support direct and partner teams

In one environment you can establish B2C, B2B, or partner sales steps and receive rolled up information on these activities. The AI and workflow engines then gather data from these steps and suggests ways to optimize sales while ensuring that required steps are completed.

sales guidance

Forecast confidently with Sales FutureCast™

Pega Sales FutureCast uses the power of AI to predict your likely sales for the quarter and estimated quota attainment. Pega then analytically recommends the next-best-action to take or offer to make to boost pipeline and improve your win probability.

sales forecasting software

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Intelligently identify, qualify, progress, and close opportunities | 3:31
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Sales Automation
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