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A View from the Top: Tackling Customer Engagement

With more choices than ever before, marketing tech stacks can easily become a hodgepodge of different technologies from countless vendors. It can be a nightmare for organizations, but fortunately, it’s a challenge we’ve navigated ourselves. At Pega, we get it. We understand your challenge.

Pega CMO Tom Libretto believes in seamlessly connecting technologies and ultimately drive increased engagement with customers.

Pega uses our own Customer Decision Hub as the bridge across our formally siloed marketing tech environment. Learn how we have taken these learnings and experiences to drive success at some of the largest, most complex organizations on the planet.


Well, as the chief marketing officer for Pegasystems, I’m responsible for all of the traditional marketing functions, from brand and creative through advertising through product marketing, event marketing, and our vertical go-to-market strategies.

All of that is meant to drive increased engagement with customers. And we are using our own technology to do that – to analyze engagement and interaction methods that are working, those that aren’t, self-optimize or tune all of our communication strategies from an inbound and outbound perspective, so that we’re sure based on our AI-infused real-time decisioning engine that the right messages are being put in front of the right contacts within our target organization cohort at the right moments. And that happens through our sales channel, our web channel, our mobile channel, our social media channels, our bought advertising channels – everything all consolidated within that sort of central engagement hub.

There’s lot of challenges with a hodgepodge or different technologies from different vendors, even different technologies from the same vendor, for that matter. So Pega fits in really beautifully to existing marketing infrastructure, existing sales infrastructure, existing service infrastructure, because we don’t attempt to replace anything. We have this concept called wrap and renew, which very easily allows an organization to plug in, for example, our Customer Decision Hub as a unified broker or bridge and ultimately brain across all of those siloed data environments that are underpinning all of your various channels as an organization and then make those experiences that are generated through each one of those channels consistent and contextual and real-time.

And at the end of the day, that’s a story that our customers really, really latch onto. I can leverage current investments and existing investments in technologies that are optimized to do one thing but plug Pega in to make sense of not just that one thing, but the broader universe of engagement technologies that I’ve deployed and make the customer experience more effective.

We work with the largest, most complex organizations on the planet that operate in multiple regions, multiple product categories, have large, diverse audiences of customers and prospects that they’re trying to engage with. Competing business interests across a large, diverse organization need an engine, a centralized brain, to arbitrate decisions in real time based on the dynamic flow of first- and third-party data in order to generate an outcome for a specific customer or prospect that’s going to move them along their relationship journey with that brand, be it an acquisition offer, a thank-you that’s going to help retain them, or a cross-sell, an upsell message that’s going to get them deeper into your brand.


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