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Real Time Decisioning with Pega

At Pega, we do something completely different. When new customer data comes in through any channel or data stream, we analyze it for patterns - and immediately use it to “decision” that customer. In this video we show how a customer, Lori, receives offer and message that are most relevant her. Serving up multiple next best actions at the right time.

Every day, real-time decisioning has a big impact on the experience of your customers. Your company pumps life into every interaction by streaming in data and insights from across channels.

Most solutions batch that data for later use, but it stagnates fast. You quickly lose customer context and miss your window of opportunity. At Pega, we do something completely different. When new customer data comes in through any channel or data stream, we immediately analyze it for patterns, and use it to decision that customer.

For instance, when Lori visits your website and starts browsing, each click is a new opportunity to examine her context to deliver what she needs right now, since her needs can change each time she views new information or learns more about your products and services.

We can activate streaming data in milliseconds, and use it to recalculate dozens of propensity scores to show not just what she needs now, but what she's going to need next. Whatever offer or message is most relevant to Lori, that instantly becomes the next best action. And since the next best action can pivot dozens of times in the same interaction, we're constantly redecisioning each time your customer interacts with your business.

Redecisioning can be used on outbound channels to trigger one-to-one messages proactively. When customer data comes in and a propensity score spikes, Pega is there to automatically queue up a personalized email, mobile offer, or direct mail communication without having to wait for a campaign to launch.

Redecisioning can also identify and react to service issues. When an agent or branch manager is talking to Lori, Pega can help guide that conversation with next best actions aligned to her goals, like taking a personal finance class, saving for a home, paying off debt, or just having easy access to cash during her upcoming trip.

Redecisioning can even be used to nurture customers without a lot of heavy lifting, automatically layering high-value, low-pressure content into the mix across all of your channels. This ensures you can stay relevant, avoid offer fatigue, earn the right to the next conversation. These actions help to rebuild your whole relationship with Lori, because they're personalized for her.

You can engage her about things she really cares about, and keep pace when she changes directions, something people have never really seen from banks before. Real-time decisioning will immediately become a differentiator by helping to transform your relationships with individual customers for the long-term. The ability to manage each customer's money over their lifetime will give you the edge to become the world's best digital bank.


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