Pega vs. Salesforce for Customer Service

The gap between the promise of legacy CRM systems and the value they actually deliver is significant, and that the gap is growing even larger as the pace of change accelerates. (“Salesforce”) pioneered the use of cloud computing for sales force automation applications. Its customer service application, Salesforce Service Cloud (“Service Cloud”), is reported to be effective at capturing and tracking contact information and interaction history. These capabilities have allowed Salesforce to rapidly grow its Service Cloud business, especially in the small-to-medium business (SMB) market.

Pegasystems has helped complex, global enterprises deliver better customer experiences. Buyers and independent analysts suggest, however, that Service Cloud lacks many of the core capabilities required to meet the customer service needs of these larger enterprises. These include the ability to deliver on-premises or in cloud deployments. It also includes the ability to connect multiple disparate systems into one platform, and the ability to provide the sort of real-time analysis and intelligent guidance of back and mid-office processes that comes from dynamic case management and real-time decisioning. This often results in unexpected maintenance complexities and a higher-than-predicted total cost of ownership.