Pega Sales Automation

Increase Sales Revenue Attainment. Accelerate The Sales Cycle. Improve Customer Relationships.


Typical sales force automation (SFA) applications do little more than capture data, are largely disconnected from enterprise systems that connect your front and back office, and don’t intelligently guide the seller to maximize their revenue performance. Sales professionals and managers end up using manually created spreadsheets, reports, and forecasts to manage direct and channel sales teams.


Pega Sales Automation makes every sales rep your best rep and helps you support your direct and channel sales teams, and the sales process that drives more revenue and deals. Pega has evolved beyond traditional SFA with intelligent, real-time analytics, intelligent sales stage guidance, process automation between your front and back office, and the ability to easily adapt and specialize UI, functions, and screen flows for multiple sales teams and applications. With Pega, you can make your sales process a competitive differentiator, handle complex go-to-market processes, and deliver a seamless customer experience.