Contextual Digital Self-Service

Pega Self-Service Advisor infuses real-time contextual self-service into your existing web and mobile experiences for greater containment and engagement.


Pega Self-Service Advisor is the feature of Pega customer service that lets you add contextual self-service to your existing digital touch points in just minutes, delivering a better customer experience, faster resolution, and increased inbound calls to your contact center. Let's have a look.

A customer sees in her account statement a charge that she doesn't recognize and goes to your website looking for resolution. Like most people today, your customer would rather not search through a list of numbers to call someone. She just wants answers. The need help button launches the self-service advisor. Pega customer service has sensed your customer's context by analyzing her account balances, recent transactions, and online behavior, and used that context to understand her intent. In this case a fraud advisor is presented. The customer is getting the exact information she wants right in the moment.

Self-Service Advisor presents options in an order optimized for the customer's intent. She can quickly access relevant knowledge content such as video that helps her identify fraudulent activity and the customer is able to easily take action. Pega automatically fetches the details of her account and lets her start her transaction dispute right from the same view.

Of course, not every digital interaction will resolve without a human touch. If your customer needs more help, Self-Service Advisor can automatically connect her to assisted channels such as chat or phone. Your customer can traverse these channels seamlessly without ever leaving the view or losing context. The experience is brought to her.

Because Self-Service Advisor has already created a Pega customer service case to track the interaction, the agent knows exactly what the customer was trying to do, and is guided through the resolution of the issue. After the customer's issue is resolved, the artificial intelligence and Pega's customer decision hub guides the agent to present the most appropriate and relevant real-time offer.

With Self-Service Advisor, you can turn a confusing and costly experience into a positive one with a faster resolution, decreased customer effort, and effective cross-sell for the business.

Our world is constantly changing. Only Pega lets you build for change.


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