Pega Credit Risk Management

 Deliver the missing fundamental element of exceptional customer service with
Pega Credit Risk Management


Improve relationships with your customers through personalized interactions and clear, objective dialogues about their credit needs and availability.


Delight your customers with streamlined omni-channel conversations that are consistent, fair and compliant with prevailing regulations.


Ensure that your risk function enables and drives internal collaboration, to make thorough risk assessment a recognized and valuable feature of your customer experience.

Clear and Objective Credit Risk Decisioning

Move away from a separate “critical-path” risk assessment to a clearer, integrated and consistent and more objective customer journey by bringing credit appetite and analytics outputs directly into the front office.
Delight customers with

Omni-Channel Consistency

With Pega, your bank’s customer interactions transition seamlessly across channels and devices without ever losing context of the conversation and goals.
 Integrate brilliantly with

Whole-Bank Collaboration

Supercharge your business by connecting your risk management functions with marketing, sales, and the wider business. Pega enables you to organize and collaborate across silos to establish a front office approach to risk.
 Make better decisions with

The Customer Decision Hub

Blend risk management with your offerings, marketing, sales, and pricing to win over ever-more-demanding customers. The Pega Customer Decision Hub acts like a brain, with massive memory and powerful predictive, real-time marketing intelligence.
 Streamline workflows with

Dynamic Case Management

Anticipate change, enhance service levels, and free up time for your relationship managers and risk officers by connecting your processes, workflows, and existing systems. Audit trail information, versioning, and governance are all managed by the Pega platform.

Additional Product Features

Design, build, and execute all inbound/outbound strategies quickly, effectively, and in a single place
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