Commercial Lending Software

Commercial Lending Software Explained

Financial institutions look to commercial lending software to help them manage the complex risk calculations and regulatory compliance requirements associated with commercial and wholesale lending. At the same time, lenders want their commercial lending systemsto support timely, responsive service to clients.

A commercial lender would utilize commercial loan origination software to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, automate compliance, and provide full visibility into even the most complex corporate loans across all business units and back-end systems.


Corporate Banking Customer Satisfaction Survey

Pegasystems and Finextra conducted a bank and corporate client experience survey, exploring customer sentiments around sales, onboarding, KYC and servicing.


Moments of Truth in Banking

Read this Pegasystems survey of more than 1,000 participants – a combination of consumers and business decision makers from retail banking organizations.

Pega’s Solution for Commercial Lending Software

Running on the market-leading Pega BPM platform, Pega commercial lending software features built-in commercial banking best practices, rules, and processes. Pega provides lenders a unified solution for automating and optimizing the end-to-end loan lifecycle from loan origination through to loan servicing, collections systems, and default management.

Throughout the loan lifecycle, Pega commercial lending software delivers rapid and measurable benefits, including those mentioned in the previous section, as well as revolutionizing the customer experience.

Business users can easily customize and modify Pega commercial lending software without any coding. Pega’s Build for Change® technology automatically transforms process models and business rules into executable applications, giving lenders the agility they need to respond quickly to new market opportunities or regulatory requirements.

Financial institutions can deploy Pega solutions for commercial lending and other bank operations on premise or in the Pega Cloud. Pega also supports a hybrid deployment model, in which applications can be seamlessly migrated between the Pega Cloud and an enterprise data center.

Along with commercial lending and collections software, Pega offers a wide range of purpose-built financial services solutions, ranging from retail banking and card servicing applications to comprehensive solutions for investment banking CRM.

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