Gender Pay Gap Statement

What is the UK Gender Pay Gap Reporting?

The UK government recently published new regulations for UK companies with 250 or more employees that outline required reporting on their gender pay gap.

The gender pay gap provides a view of the gender balance and pay within an organisation measured by the difference between the average hourly earnings for men and women regardless of role or title. The earnings used in the calculations take into account the full earnings distributions, which for Pegasystems includes; base salary, bonuses received, commission earned, equity that vested, car allowances, and any salary sacrifice benefits that occurred in the payroll in April 2017.

As part of the gender pay gap reporting regulation, UK organisations are required to show their employees’ earnings from highest to lowest (from April 2017) ordered into equal quartiles. They must then identify the distribution of men and women in each quartile.

Our data shows we have a larger percentage of men than women in our organisation, and that we have more men in senior positions in comparison to women, which is the most significant contributor to our gender pay gap.

While there are factors in the technology industry and our UK workforce that contribute to this gap (e.g. fewer women in the technology industry overall, an under-representation of women in more highly paid technical roles, and a UK workforce heavily focused on sales and consulting), we recognize the need for and continue to work on creating more gender balance in our workforce.

Increasing the number of women at Pega and the number of women in senior roles will help us reduce and ultimately close the gender pay gap. We believe this is key in making us a more competitive business and employer by providing better opportunities for our staff and driving better outcomes for our clients.

Although the gender pay gap is defined in the UK's Equality Act (2010), the statistics published should not be mistaken for inequalities in pay. Equal pay is defined as the right for men and women to be paid the same when doing the same, or equivalent work. Pega reviews the salaries of men and women on a frequent basis to address and prevent disparities in equal pay, and we’re confident the gender pay gap is not indicative of an equal pay issue within the organisation.

Commitment to diversity

Pegasystems is committed to fairness, quality, and inclusion throughout our teams. We encourage applications from candidates that reflect diversity in background to apply to work at our Company. We value our people and the contribution they make, and we believe a diverse workforce encourages creativity, drives innovation, and equips us to solve our customers’ most complex challenges and leverage the biggest opportunities. Leading from the front is critical to promoting diversity and team work, which we believe needs to be fostered as a priority, not only within our organisation, but also throughout our eco-system.

Moving forward

We’re implementing a number of initiatives to support and encourage equality across our organisation and address the gender pay gap.

  • We’re challenging negative or unconscious behaviours by running unconscious bias training, which is being rolled out, in a phased approach, across the organisation.
  • We’re promoting increased focus on career development for our staff. This is aided by our new Continuous Feedback model, which allows seamless communication between employees and managers despite location or schedules, to create regular opportunities for growth and development rather than depending on a once yearly review.
  • Our new Career Maps application identifies opportunities for our employees to move both within their functions and across the organisation to take on new roles and continue to grow at the company.
  • We’ve created new training programmes for our managers to help them continue to progress and give them new long-term opportunities.
  • We’re establishing regional diversity-focused groups to help drive our initiatives forward and channel new ideas for diversity and inclusion.
  • We offer flexible working options for our employees, and continuously review and update our benefits packages as well as our family-friendly policies to help our organisation better support our teams, including working parents and those returning to work.

We value a diverse workforce and are firmly committed to continuing to make Pega a great place to work for all.

I confirm that the data used to calculate the figures is accurate and that Pegasystems is in compliance with the Gender Pay Gap reporting regulations.

David Wells
Vice President and Managing Director, EMEA

Last updated 2 April 2018

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