Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Don’t just talk – engage

The digital users of today, whether customers or employees, have high expectations about being able to interact the way they want, where they need, and using the devices and channels that are most intuitive to them. You, as the organization, struggle with delivering consistent and continuous experiences and providing your users the right experience at their moment of need. But it doesn’t have to be hard.

Overcome the bot fever and achieve value fast

The promise of chatbots and virtual assistants are that they can easily help people find the things they want and need, as well as ensure great service and support is delivered directly through an interface they already know and love. Despite the hype, today’s chatbots and virtual assistants don’t provide the human-like experiences they’ve promised. Rather than help, they:

  • Provide customers and employees with one-dimensional interactions
  • Only converse in stilted unnatural language
  • Deliver witty banter yet perform only the simplest of tasks
  • Do not understand context, nor pick up where they left off, resulting in frustration
  • Create more development silos by not connecting to the systems they are meant to support

As new conversational user interfaces emerge every day, developers struggle to build and manage more bots and establish a connected experience across them as well as between their existing systems.

Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant - Credit Card Dispute Demo | 2:40

Go beyond chat: Deliver dynamic engagements on and across any channel

Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant – a key capability of the Pega 7 Platform – overcomes the shortfalls of other solutions by elegantly extending any Pega enterprise application to have a conversational user experience (UX). With Pega you can easily turn any voice or text-based channel into AI-powered virtual assistants that use natural language processing (NLP) and text analytics to deliver hyper-personalized engagement – whether it’s providing self-service or preemptive service. Your Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant:

  • Speaks human: Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant understands intent and its conversational UX enables it to interact intuitively, making it easy for people to engage the way we normally speak or type.
  • Gets real work done: Pega’s assistant can do more than just witty banter. Need to find out the status of a claim? Want to talk to an agent? Get product recommendations? Find the next flight departure? Your assistant acts as an extension of your team, relieving them of redundant and time-consuming tasks.
  • Knows your users and delivers the next best action: Pega’s assistant keeps context of the user’s journey including prior interactions and preferences. No matter how your users choose to interact, rest assured that consistent experience and service will be delivered.
  • Spans channels: Today Facebook, tomorrow another channel du jour. Pega’s assistant easily adapts across channels and because it keeps context, your customers will never be lost – so you can provide customers with meaningful interactions no matter where they are or how they choose to interact with you during their moment of need.
How to Create Seamless Chatbot Experiences in Pega | 3:45

Rapidly build, extend, and update applications

As a key capability of the Pega 7 platform, organizations can extend Pega CRM Apps or build applications on Pega 7 to have this AI powered conversational UX as part of the application creation process through simple configurations. Business users and developers alike are empowered to easily build, collaborate, and deliver intelligent assistants fast using Pega’s market-leading model-driven application development environment. Key features include:

  • Integrated bot simulation: Combine design and runtime to configure, manage, and test how your assistant performs on various channels and effortlessly deploy updates in real-time, without downtime.
  • Multi-channel readiness: Pega’s Multichannel Interaction Layer provides pre-built connectors to email, SMS/text, Facebook Live, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home along with the ability to easily build connections to other channels.
  • A single unified platform: Extend any Pega application – including CRM apps for marketing, sales, and customer service and any custom-built Pega app – into an intelligent assistant. The Pega Customer Decision Hub can be furthered applied to offer next best action.

Easily configure and manage conversations on each channel.

Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant screenshot 1

See how your modifications perform using Pega’s integrated conversation simulator.

Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant screenshot 2

Deploy your updates in real-time, without downtime.

Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant screenshot 3

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