Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Do more across all channels with
Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Work Smart

AI-powered and always learning to anticipate users’ needs, make smart suggestions, and provide exceptional service.

Keep Context

Delivers a continuous experience whether it’s to an agent and back or across the most popular devices and channels.

Smash Silos

Don’t let other vendors force you into silos. Reap the benefits of one single code base across all products and applications.

Conversational, not creepy

Offer more than witty banter or an unnatural bot-like interaction. Your intelligent virtual assistant’s ability to understand intent and speak human allows you to have truly seamless and dynamic conversations with your customers, regardless of the channel they start or end with.

Engages users where they are

Users feel strongly about their preferred methods of communication – oftentimes, it might not be yours. Worry not - your intelligent assistant can keep the conversation going on any channel customers choose to contact you. It comes with pre-built connectors to Facebook Messenger and Amazon Alexa, along with favorites like email, SMS/text, and more.

Smash business and technology silos

Adding an intelligent bot doesn’t need to be another integration project. Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant takes advantage of existing processes and data to ensure you’re not creating another tech silo. Your assistant plays well with other bots and draws from our industry leading customer service, sales, automation, and marketing tools to know where your customer’s been and where they want to go.

Test and deploy changes in real-time

Realize a conversation or response could have gone a little smoother? Don’t waste valuable time reaching out to your development team to ‘get to it’ – Our integrated simulator allows you to configure, manage, and test how your virtual assistant performs on various channels and effortlessly deploy updates without downtime or code.

Breathe life into traditional channels

Allow your intelligent assistant to do the heavy lifting for you – from detecting intent and picking out important information to automating process and delivering personalized responses – make email do more for you today.
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Robotic Automation
Artificial Intelligence
Agile Enterprise
Customer Service