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Target your marketing with Pega Paid Media Manager

Legacy AdTech doesn’t provide a 1:1 experience

As a marketer, high-performance paid media programs are a critical part of hitting your revenue goals. Paid advertising allows to you reach new prospects and re-connect with existing customers on new platforms – expanding your brand to be where the customer is, wherever and whenever they navigate online.

But few paid media techniques leverage a full enterprise view of the customer, or drive the type of precision targeting, messaging, and control you need. Paid campaigns are often uninformed, showcasing ads that don’t match the customer’s situation, showing products they may have already bought - or trying to upsell a customer that you should instead focus on retaining.

Integrate directly with Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn

Pega Paid Media Manager enables you to execute digital advertising campaigns with the same targeted, precise, and customer-centric strategies you apply across all your other touchpoints.

Using Pega, you’ll use real-time analytics and decisioning to determine the “Next Best Action” – whether that be an offer, retention plan, service case, or any other business issue. You can do this at the right time and on the right channel, regardless of whether that channel is inbound or outbound, owned or paid.

By integrating Next Best Action into your media buy, you empower your paid search, social, and display campaigns to leverage the full potential of your enterprise data – so you can interact intelligently with every customer and prospect, every time.

Pega’s decisioning engine learns constantly from every customer interaction on your owned channels, and uses that intelligence to increase the relevance of the advertisements on your paid channels. You will also be able to expand your audience – leveraging predictive attributes about customers to find similar individuals on paid channels.

Pega also optimizes your ad spend, and reduces advertising fatigue – by constantly re-balancing customer and business needs as the individual progresses through their unique customer journey. When they makes a purchase, demonstrate new tendencies, or show a lack of interest in your offer – Pega will recognize that context and pivot the treatment – ensuring that you don’t waste resources or mind-share with un-productive ads.

Pega Marketing will allow you to optimize the customer experience across both owned and paid channels, building personal relationships with every customer and prospect.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does Pega Paid Media Manager differentiate from the competition?

Unlike any other solution, Pega uses customer data from across your entire enterprise – whether it be finance, sales, service, operations, etc, and uses it to empower your Paid Advertising channels (safely). We don’t rely on broad audiences or segments that clump people into groups – we enable you to target individuals with offers and content that you know is relevant – because the data just came directly from your call-center, email program, mobile channels, stores, website, etc, and you collected it seconds before it was used – not days or weeks. Every channel is connected, and learns together – whether they’re owned or paid.

How do you integrate with paid channels like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn?

We integrate directly with their S2S (Server-To-Server) APIs, which allow us to manage audiences in real-time. When we first turn Paid Media Manager on, your customers and audiences are pushed directly to the platform, in one bulk load. From that point on, each Next Best Action change is communicated to the platform in real-time, as it occurs. Your teams would assign campaigns and creative to those audiences, using the same tools they do now – but the customer to audience assignments are managed automatically by Paid Media Manager.

How do you ensure the security of my customer data?

Unlike almost any other solution in the market, Pega allows you to keep your customer data inside the firewall, where it belongs. Instead of transferring sensitive information to the dozens of partners and vendors in the paid ecosystem, Pega makes the critical decisions using AI in a controlled setting (which can be on-premise, or in the cloud), then simply updates each customer’s Next Best Action, accordingly. The data itself never has to leave the premises.

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With Pega Paid Media Manager, you can now leverage Next-Best-Actions in real-time on paid channels – including Facebook, Google, or any other paid platform.


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Pega Paid Media Manager enables companies to execute digital advertising campaigns using the same AI-driven, Next Best Action strategies they leverage across their other channels.

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