Customer Service

Intelligent Guidance

Pega anticipates what each customer needs, based on the situation. During interactions, it intelligently suggests the Next Best Action to take, guiding users step-by-step through a personalized customer service experience.

To anticipate what each customer needs, Pega uses a combination of business rules and the interaction’s context. It can even use predictive analytics and self-learning adaptive models, leveraging both small and big data.

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Intelligent guidance has three effects on customer service:

  • It recommends a goal for each customer.
  • It uses that goal to determine the best path through the service interaction.
  • It facilitates that path by offering personalized suggestions and relevant information to make each step of the service interaction as smooth as possible.

Not every customer should be treated identically. Service reps may want to cross-sell a high-value customer, spend extra time with a complicated transaction, or get off the phones more quickly if there’s a large queue. Pega Customer Service dynamically determines a personalized customer interaction goal based on a combination of customer information, such as lifetime value, a previous Net Promoter Score, or collections status, and other contextual data that includes contact center operational information. Managers can configure these interaction goals using business criteria defined in a simple decision table.

With that goal in mind, Pega Customer Service begins guiding users step-by-step through a customer interaction — reducing training time and ensuring service consistency. It specializes the service processes to the customer and the circumstances. That way, Pega can provide personalized service for customers without compromising efficiency.

With Pega’s comprehensive dialog management, it’s easier to personalize scripts for customers within the context of each interaction. Intelligent guidance includes the dynamic display of customer service rep prompts, or even scripted responses. Coaching tips, related to a given interaction or service request, provide reminders to employees. Managers can easily configure these dialogs and coaching tips to ensure their reps are up-to-date, comply with any regulations, and deliver a consistent experience.

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