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Pega Global Operations, pega cloud

Pega Global Operations Center powers Pega Cloud

Satya Narayan Mishra, Log in to subscribe to the Blog


Pega manages all cloud operations so that our clients can focus on what matters: business outcomes.


The Pega Global Operations Center (GOC), developed using Pega technology, drives the operations of Pega Cloud, encompassing the deployment, management, and regular updates of client cloud services. Leveraging advanced automation, we deliver top-tier cloud solutions to some of the world's largest organizations.

The Pega Cloud infrastructure spans across 22 global regions and comprises more than 30,000 computing instances, ensuring at least one update every 20 minutes. Our multi-cloud setup operates seamlessly around the clock, monitored by the Pega Operations Team through the Global Operations Center, which receives real-time alerts from our monitoring systems.

The Global Operations Center empowers clients with self-service features through the My Pega Cloud portal, which serves as a comprehensive hub for client self-management of various cloud subscription tasks. Clients can conveniently handle tasks such as monitoring database storage usage, retrieving, and analyzing log files, initiating environment restarts, and accessing information about upcoming scheduled maintenance.


  1. Provisioning – The Global Operations Center (GOC) swiftly deploys client-requested subscriptions on both Pega Cloud AWS (Amazon Web Services) and GCP (Google Cloud Platform), ensuring isolation and encryption. This one-click process is completely automated, seamlessly setting up the foundational networks, computing instances, databases, micro-services, the Infinity platform, and Pega industry applications.
  2. Zero Downtime Updates – The Global Operations Center (GOC) orchestrates and executes a seamless, automated process for ongoing updates to the infrastructure, networks, databases, and the Pega Infinity platform, encompassing the management of emergency hotfixes.
  3. Configuration Management – The Global Operations Center (GOC) is employed for configuring the foundational infrastructure and platform to guarantee optimal performance of client workloads and facilitate scalability in response to increasing demands.
  4. Alert Monitoring – The Global Operations Center (GOC) delivers round-the-clock alert monitoring and incident management services. For instance, the GOC handles database storage alerts, automatically expanding disk space to prevent downtime in critical situations (Sev1). The GOC also provides a suite of diagnostic tools and remediation capabilities for proactive issue prevention or rapid recovery, encompassing access to logs, event data, and the execution of actions like environment restarts and network connectivity checks.
  5. Secure Access Control – The Pega support team employs role-based secure access, enhanced with multi-factor authentication, for overseeing the Pega Cloud fleet. Every operation executed undergoes a comprehensive audit. Importantly, the Global Operations Center (GOC) enforces strict segregation, ensuring that Pega Cloud operations cannot access client data, which remains perpetually encrypted.
  6. Self-Service via My Pega Cloud – Pega Cloud clients have the capability to independently manage various aspects of their cloud subscriptions, eliminating the need to raise support tickets. This encompasses accessing subscription details and services, monitoring storage usage, downloading logs, reviewing scheduled maintenance, and initiating restarts for their cloud environments.


  1. Streamlined automated provisioning that spins up a client subscription in hours for over 30+ Pega Products on both Pega Cloud AWS & GCP which otherwise will take days if done manually.
  2. Seamless Automated Updates: Our system conducts more than 40,000 updates annually. We can patch the entire fleet in just a few days and respond within hours to address critical zero-day vulnerabilities, as exemplified by the recent log4j JNDI vulnerability that impacted numerous organizations.
  3. Providing self service to our clients through My Pega Cloud has resulted in a massive 3000+ reduction of tickets per month and resulting in better client experience.
  4. The GOC automates over 100+ operational micro-journeys resulting in countless support hours being saved every day so that the Pega Operations team can focus on the most complicated scenarios we have not automated yet! In the last couple of years, the number of client environments has quadrupled. Thanks to the GOC automation, we can manage the scale while staying consistent in our support investments which could have been exponential without the GOC!

How do we leverage the Pega Platform?

  1. The Global Operations center automates operational workflows to perform continuous zero downtime updates of Pega Cloud services. It implements several case types to schedule and deploy updates automatically throughout the fleet. The updates are infrastructure updates, database updates, patches, and hot fixes. Using Pega Case Management, the GOC update cases help track the progress of the update, perform pre-requisite checks, restart the nodes, and route work across support teams for human intervention if required. Pega Case management is a future proof technology and easily helps scale the process workflow to add new stages and steps as the cloud architecture changed over a period requiring additional update procedures. Using Pega case management in GOC, we can audit the bot operations and human interactions, a requirement of compliance audits and generate operational reports to help improve the process efficiency and analyze the work distribution patterns in the process.
  2. The GOC operational workflows have been automated end to end, connecting otherwise the siloed apps, thus enforcing operational business rules and SLAs (Service Level Agreements) with notifications. To illustrate, the infrastructure updates executed by the Global Operations Center (GOC) are integrated with the ticketing system, allowing for early client notifications regarding update schedules. Additionally, the GOC retrieves data from the monitoring systems to facilitate proactive or preventive care routing.
  3. The GOC application leverages the Pega Situational Layer Cake to enable re-use and reduce complexity of the design. For example, the updates performed through the GOC have variations depending upon the infrastructure versions, region, cloud provider and evolving cloud architectures. These variations are easily handled because Pega architecture consisting of processes, rules, data models, UI – is organized into layers that allows for context specific execution.
  4. The My Pega Cloud app providing client self-services uses DX-APIs to connect to GOC to perform the requested self-service action while allowing for conflict detection of the operation between the client & automated bot-based operations. This allows for consistent client experience than having to duplicate process, rules, and variations across channels to perform the same operation in self-service or bot-based backend automated operation.
  5. The GOC application utilizes Pega Live data to interface with the Change Management Database, which maintains change logs for updates conducted on cloud services. Leveraging the Pega Live data feature, technical data generated by micro-services can be seamlessly mapped and extracted into the business objects defined within the GOC application. This integration provides a unified perspective on business data by consolidating process-related information from multiple sources.
  6. Using the Pega low code platform has allowed for rapid development, automating several operational micro-journeys to provide single touch Provisioning of cloud subscriptions, Automated continuous updates, Continuous monitoring, and Configuration management thus getting work done faster, bringing transparency and accountability for those operational journeys. This has boosted client confidence in Pega’s ability to provide world class cloud services and exceptional customer experiences.
  7. The GOC implements a strict role-based access control with Multi Factor authentication in accordance with several audit controls and compliance frameworks. All the operations performed by the GOC are 100% audited.
  8. The GOC app leverages AI (Artificial Intelligence) and virtual chatbots to get answers quickly to operational statistics or search the GOC Standard Operating Guides.

Transform your business, and Pega Cloud will take care of the rest!



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About the Author

Satya Mishra, Senior Director Product Management Cloud Technology, leads a global team of Product owners in Pega Cloud Engineering. This team builds suite of Pega cloud-based products, services, architecture, and tools, which delivers Pega “as a service”, to some of the world’s leading B2B and B2C enterprises.

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