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Unlike any recent trend, digital customer service has changed the game in how service organizations and their digital-first customers interact. Whether rolling out virtual assistants, chatbots, voice-driven applications, text messaging, AI-assisted email, or self-service portals – digital customer services helped service organizations like yours become more efficient by meeting the needs of today’s digital-first customer. And with the increasing usage of smartphones, it’s no surprise that in-store foot traffic and face-to-face interactions continue to decline, as customers would rather text, chat, or connect with you online.

However – shifting to a digital-first strategy is not as simple as it may seem, as companies are challenged to keep up with rising customer expectations while responding efficiently to customer needs. To provide best-in-class service, you’ll need to proactively anticipate each customer’s needs and solve for them before they negatively impact your customer’s journey (and opinion of you). To meet your customers where they want to be, it’s not enough to rapidly adopt new digital channels across your service offering – as that often results in a disjointed, siloed experience for your customers. Instead, you need to have the AI-guided “brains” and operational “muscle” to connect and automate all the data from across these channels and understand what each individual customer needs – all the time, every time, and in real-time. This means you’ll need the capability to draw analytical insight from every customer interaction in real time and be able to constantly determine the next-best-action to take to achieve the outcomes that both your customer and your business desires.

The new foundation for proactive, digital customer service: AI and robotic automation

To deliver a robust digital customer engagement, a combination of AI and robotic automation is the new standard.

  • Real-time, omni-channel AI – A centralized decisioning hub that analyzes customer history, current context, risk, your organization’s goals, and any other number of variables to recommend the right actions to take or conversations to have. Using AI you can detect patterns and events (e.g., basic, anticipated, unanticipated, complex) to predict a customer’s needs before they become service events and empower a next-best-action engagement approach.
  • End-to-end automation with robotics – Dynamic case management automatically keeps track of each customer’s journey across channels, agents, and engagements providing a consistent source of truth, and robotic automations speed data and app integrations, making sure you don’t drop the digital ball.

These digital capabilities are essential in providing next-level engagement, like contextual self-service or messaging and chat interactions that help augment both your customer’s and agent’s experience. AI and end-to-end automation work in concert to sense your customer’s needs and dynamically present insights or actions that are directly relevant without requiring the customer to drill down and click through multiple pages of unrelated info.

These digital capabilities are also essential for turning all of that AI-based insight into action. More than just focusing merely on a task, you need to understand your customer’s journey and take advantage of automations that help drive work to completion. Together, AI and end-to-end automation work to transform the customer experience and provide real value for your customers and your enterprise.

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