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Contact Center Solutions

Moving Past Legacy Contact Center Solutions

The shortcomings and frustrations of conventional contact center solutions are well known. Customer service reps see a lot of data, but get little guidance on how to interpret and apply that data. Lack of system flexibility pushes companies toward delivering “one size fits all” customer service, even when they know that differentiated services would be better for customers and for company revenues. The rigidity of legacy contact center solutions also works against business agility, impeding the organization’s ability to quickly respond to changes in the marketplace.

Forrester Report

Pegasystems was identified as a Strong Performer in Cross-Channel Campaign Management (CCCM) among 15 vendors who were evaluated against 26 criteria in The Forrester WaveTM: Cross-Channel Campaign Management, Q2 2016.

White Paper

Customer service solution buyers report growing pressure from their colleagues utilizing Salesforce.com’s Sales Cloud to also adopt Service Cloud to offset price increases. Customer service professionals should, however, think twice.

Pegasystems: A Better Way of Doing Business

Pegasystems, the leading provider of innovative business process management and customer relationship management software, offers a better contact center software solution. Built on our industry-best BPM platform, Pega call center software leaves legacy contact center solutions behind by delivering:

  • Intelligent point-of-contact automation — Pega contact center solutions go well beyond the data consolidation that typical customer service software provides for CSRs. Leveraging the latest rule-based automation technologies, Pega contact center solutions dynamically guide CSRs through each customer interaction, intelligently balancing customer intent with company objectives. The benefits to your organization include increased CSR productivity; better first-call resolution rates; more effective targeting of up-sell and cross-sell offers; and a more satisfying experience for your customers.
  • Fast and easy service differentiation — Differentiated services are preferred by service providers and by customers, but rigid conventional contact center solutions sometimes stand in the way. Pegasystems recognizes the importance of being able to deliver segmented services, and supports this objective with a “layer cake” service architecture in which a foundation of company-wide policies and processes can be easily overlaid with tiers of differentiated services aimed at particular regions, product lines, or customer types.
  • Business agility driven by business users — Markets change and so do business goals, but traditional customer relationship management systems make it difficult to respond to these changes in a timely manner. Again, Pegasystems offers a better way. More than any other process management software on the market, Pega CRM solutions put business users in control of business processes. With innovative technology that automates most aspects of application programming, Pega enables business users to quickly modify processes and procedures in response to new business objectives or changes in the marketplace.

Driving unprecedented levels of efficiency and agility in your customer relationship management, Pega contact center solutions are also feature-rich, with robust support for all facets of interaction management, service request processing, correspondence generation, telephony integration, reporting and analytics, and more.

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