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Build For Change by Alan Trefler

A Digital Organization’s Survival Guide for Customer Engagement

In Build for Change: Revolutionizing Customer Engagement through Continuous Digital Innovation, Alan Trefler shows what it takes to make the necessary and dramatic changes in how a business thinks about its customers, its people, and its technology, to ensure it can survive beyond the twilight of the brands. 

Is your company prepared for the Gen D future, or is it heading toward life support? A lot of companies across the globe are going to die over the next few years, not because of macroeconomic stress, but because there is an emerging generation that is radically changing the rules of customer engagement.  Readers will learn how businesses rely increasingly on customer engagement even as the customers themselves are less willing to engage in traditional ways, and how one customer’s experience – whether good or bad – can alter a company’s reputation with the click of a mouse.


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 Next Generation Customers Will Test Every Business
"If you think your business has weathered the storm, think again. In addition to obvious economic challenges, the emerging generation of customers is determined to radically change the rules for customer engagement."
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This Guy Thinks The Art Of Programming Should Die
"The Death of Code: Dramatic, isn’t it? Well, it's also necessary and inevitable, argues Alan Trefler, CEO of Pegasystems, and something of a quixotic thinker on the way software has been built for the last 50 years." Read Article >

Build for Change by Alan Trefler
"The depiction of Agile methods applied to corporate culture should serve as a basic template to help organizations begin their evolution to become more nimble. As Trefler highlights in the final chapter, the software you use to run your business is an analog to the company culture." Read Article >

Martin Zwilling, Startup Professionals Musings
"An eye-opening list of insights...a convincing argument that it’s time for every company to get prepared for the next customer generation, or your company is heading toward life support." Read Article >


Alan Trefler

Alan Trefler

Alan Trefler is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pegasystems. He also serves as Chairman of the Pegasystems Board of Directors.

Alan’s recent book, Build for Change, describes a new generation of customers that have unprecedented power to make or break brands and the changes businesses must embrace to succeed in today’s digital world. A best-seller on 800-CEO-Read, the book has been reviewed and featured in national media outlets including Forbes,, Computer Weekly and 1to1Media.

Alan was named “Public Company CEO of the Year” in 2011 by the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council and received the American Business Award's “Software CEO of the Year” for 2009. He frequently presents to international business and technology audiences and at industry conferences.

Alan has been interviewed and profiled in national print and broadcast media including CNBC, Fast Company, Fox Business News, Forbes, Fortune Magazine, Inc. Magazine, The Boston Globe, The New York Times, Bloomberg Television, Barron’s, Reuters,, and Investor’s Business Daily, and he has contributed thought-leadership articles to publications such as TechCrunch and the Huffington Post.

Alan has consulted extensively in the use of advanced technologies and work automation. In addition, he has been named the inventor of five issued patents for Pegasystems' distinctive Inherited Rule-Based Architecture, which provides the framework for Pegasystems' solutions.

Alan’s interest in computers originates from collegiate involvement in tournament chess, where he achieved a Master rating and was co-champion of the 1975 World Open Chess Championship. His passion and support for chess and the game’s community and current champions continues to this day. Alan holds a degree with distinction in Economics and Computer Science from Dartmouth College.


Build for Change Videos

Build for Change Videos