For financial services organizations and insurance carriers, risk management is a core business function that can make the difference between the success or failure of the enterprise. For many organizations, the task of risk management is complicated by the need to monitor multiple regions, product lines, and sales channels; and by continual change in the operating environment. Needing risk management software to help them meet this mission-critical challenge effectively and efficiently, major financial institutions and insurers worldwide turn to Pegasystems.


Corporate Banking Customer Satisfaction Survey

Pegasystems and Finextra conducted a bank and corporate client experience survey, exploring customer sentiments around sales, onboarding, KYC and servicing.


Moments of Truth in Banking

Read this Pegasystems survey of more than 1,000 participants – a combination of consumers and business decision makers from retail banking organizations.

Pegasystems Drives Intelligent Automation Through Your Risk Management Operation

Pegasystems is the clear market leader in enterprise-class business process management (BPM) solutions. Eight of the top ten global banks use Pega financial services software, and seven of the top ten insurance companies use Pega insurance administration software. Finance and insurance industry leaders, as well as health care entities and other major service organizations, entrust their risk management operations to Pega risk management software because they know they can count on Pega for:

  • Intelligent automation. Powered by the industry-best Pega BPM platform, Pega risk management software makes it easy to capture and codify your institution’s risk management best practices into rules-based automated processes that can be applied consistently across your entire organization. With the most sophisticated and powerful business rules functionality on the market, Pega software helps ensure that your organization’s intellectual capital is fully leveraged throughout the enterprise.
  • Enterprise integration and analytics. With Pega risk management software, data from disparate sources within and outside your organization can be integrated and analyzed in real time. Patterns indicative of potential fraudulent activity are detected early. Customer interactions can be monitored and analyzed to identify changes in risk profiles. Predictive analytics built into Pega risk management software let you simulate what-if scenarios that demonstrate the impact of alternative risk mitigation strategies on your customers and your business.
  • Unprecedented agility. More than any other process management solution on the market, Pega BPM empowers business users to create and modify processes and services with minimal reliance on IT staff. Whether it’s risk management software, other financial services solutions such as banking business process applications, or insurance or healthcare software solutions, Pegasystems enables businesses to quickly and easily create new or updated processes that keep pace with changes in business objectives or the marketplace. Pega BPM-based retail banking solutions, for example, can be rapidly modified to stay abreast of the ever-changing risk landscape that financial institutions face.


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