Data and Integrations

Bring Data and Process together with Pega’s
Data and Integrations


Use visual tools to quickly design the data objects you need, incorporating existing data sources and defining new ones. Intelligently and automatically retrieve the right data at the right time, caching it when needed.


Communicate with legacy system APIs and data stores using open standards-based protocols such as SOAP and REST. Connect other apps using the open Pega API, or build services tailored to your needs.


Create a virtualized application data layer to simplify, standardize, and reuse global data definitions while managing the complexity of accessing data sources through centrally-administered access rules and processes
Simplify Data Access With

Live Data

Pega Live Data provides a data virtualization layer in your app so you can quickly and easily define the data models required to build your apps and how they’re connected to your back-end systems. You can then access that data on-demand in your running app without reconfiguring where the data is stored.

Orchestrate Global Data Governance

Pega’s unified case management, business process management, and data management capabilities help global companies govern a coherent business process and enterprise data management strategy across the enterprise.

Connect Big Data & IoT to Actions

Pega gathers and mines Big Data, including Internet of Things (IoT) data, for insights and then converts these insights directly into business value by automatically orchestrating actions that achieve business objectives. In doing so, Pega is helping innovative companies transform themselves and the markets they serve.
Integrate Legacy Systems With

Open APIs and Connectors

Communicate with legacy system APIs and data stores using configurable connectors to SAP, and others, and open, standards-based protocols (like SOAP, REST and more). Connect other apps using the open Pega API, or build your own user-defined services tailored to your business needs.
Reduce Risk With

Data Security & Compliance

Pega helps global enterprises achieve their digital transformation goals while maintaining regulatory compliance and securing their data when it is both in motion and at rest, in both on-premises and cloud deployments.

Additional Product Features

Bring context and maximize the effectiveness of information stored in Salesforce by integrating it with Pega's Dynamic Case Management.
Pegasystems and DocuSign have announced a technology partnership enabling enterprises to integrate DocuSign's digital signature.
Pega and Cisco have entered into a strategic partnership to create more intelligent, collaborative customer engagement solutions.
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