Sales Automation

Pega Outlook 2013 Integration

Provide sales context in Outlook

The Pega Outlook add-in embeds a side panel in Outlook that provides contextual insight into any selected email or appointment. As emails and appointments are selected, the panel dynamically updates and gives a complete view of open and closed leads, opportunities, associated contacts, calendar entries, and recent activities and conversations.

Make reps more efficient

Pega’s Outlook add-in allows reps to add contacts, leads and opportunities from Outlook, and the global search scans across emails, calendar entries, attachments and Pega Sales Automation. Based on the latest email correspondence, updates can be made in Outlook and are synched in real-time so there is no double-keying of information.

Leverage Outlook data for CRM

Emails and appointments can be synced with a single click and this data used in a variety of ways: to track client interactions and engagement, for audit and legal requirements, or for CRM analytics and data mining. Emails can also be logged and shared with Marketing and Customer Service teams to provide context and measure marketing efforts.

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Sales Automation