PegaWorld 2019 Keynote: Alan Trefler - The Heart of Digital Transformation

Delivering on the promise of digital transformation demands powerful technology. But it also takes an agile approach to delivery, design thinking, and a team of leaders skilled in bridging the organizational divides that often prohibit real transformation. In his keynote, Pega Founder and CEO Alan Trefler will outline a vision of a future-proof architecture for the next phase of digital transformation. You’ll learn how Pega is building technology to support the scale of the cloud, the expectations of design thinking, and the speed to today’s competitors. You’ll hear specific examples of the “digital heroes” who bring together technical know-how, business acumen, and empathy for customers and employees. You’ll learn how they – and you – drive real transformation and real results.


  • Topic: Digital Transformation
  • Topic: PegaWorld
  • Challenge: Customer Engagement

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