Manufacturing Roundtable: IDC Presentation: How to Become a Warranty Warrior

On Thursday, November 17, 2011 in partnership with Mahindra Satyam, over 30 manufacturing and tier 1 supplier organizations assembled in Dearborn, Michigan to discover how to exceed customer expectations and increase profitability with the power of agile and flexible case management approaches.

Become a Warranty Warrior

  • Assess and Plan
    • Self-assess
    • Benchmark (internal, external)
    • Establish clear business value: financial, quality, customer
    • Assess risk vs. benefits; prioritize opportunities
  • Execute
    • Implement holistically (people, process and technology)
    • Implement gradually, establishing a foundation for growth
    • Monitor business value: financial, quality, customer
  • Remain Steadfast but Nimble
    • Establish Warranty-Quality connection
    • Explore the role and value of analytics (and be realistic)
    • Assess performance and adjust
    • Plan the next wave (climb the maturity ladder)