Case Study

HSBC: Retaining Customers With a Local Touch

HSBC is retaining customers with a local touch. | 3:44

The Business Issue

As one of the world's largest banking and financial services organizations, HSBC wanted to live up to its slogan: "The World's Local Bank". HSBC sought ways to standardize operations so their clients would receive the same attention and feel that is expected of a local bank. This included the need for a self-service application that customers could access anytime they had a need.

The Solution

The Global Payments Investigations (GPI) platform is the Pega-powered solution that receives all customer requests coming in via a variety of channels, and instantly directs the request to the appropriate party at HSBC so the inquiry can be responded to quickly and accurately. In addition, the new HSBCnet self-service portal also provides 24x7 support.

The Results

Eighty-seven countries with a HSBC presence have standardized on the GPI in less than 2 years. This has resulted in:

  • 70% cost savings over 2 years

  • 25% reduction in unresolved payment cases

  • 12% average faster case resolution


  • Financial Services
  • Customer Service

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