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Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is an IT services, consulting and business solutions organization that has been partnering with many of the world’s largest businesses in their transformation journeys for the last fifty years. TCS has more than 448,000 employees in 46 countries with $22 billion in revenues as of March 31, 2020.

TCS is a Platinum-level Pega Premier Consulting Partner. Leveraging MFDM™ (Machine First Delivery Model), TCS has helped some of the largest companies across North America, Europe, APAC, India, Middle East and LATAM with large, complex, and multi-geo transformational projects, across robotic process automation, business process and decision management, conversational systems (chatbots/virtual agents), NLP, machine learning, and AI led solutions.

Expertise and Insights

Together, TCS and Pega are helping businesses harness their CRM to achieve digital transformation with personalized customer experiences powered by AI, automation, design thinking principles and robotics.

Automating Inbound Email Management to Outbid E-Procurement


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Simplify Your Warranty Claims Management with Intelligent Automation



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How Intelligent Automation is Rewriting the Rules of Customer Service


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A Machine-First Approach to Automation-Based Digital Transformation


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Solutions We've Built

Business-driven Solutions with Pega

Accelerate IBOR compliance leveraging automated contracts remediation with recommended fallbacks

Financial institutions wanted an automated process to remediate thousands of contract structures impacted with IBOR with high accuracy rates. Working with industry experts, our framework includes best practices, embedded AI and NLP and Pega Case Management. Benefits include:

  • Integration with AI/ML based contract analysis model
  • Contract repapering by mapping the fallback triggers across the products
  • Email repapered agreements for client consents
  • Setting up communication strategies to address impacted parties
  • Real-time graphical view of the state of transition

Focus Industry

Contact: Rashmi Nanjundappa

TCS Lending Framework for Commercial Credit

TCS lending framework for commercial credit origination enables banks to create an agile extendible platform with a dynamic business solution for streamlining their commercial lending process. The framework adopts industry best practices to leverage enterprise information for decision making and addresses the three levels of strategy execution--Customer, Performance and Risk management.

Outcomes this solution can drive

  • Preconfigured and Baselined model – Accelerates the implementation
  • Unified Platform - Reduced Cost of ownership

Focus Industry

Contact: Rashmi Nanjundappa

TCS-Pega Auto Design Validator ©

This delivery accelerator helps to reduce manual effort and errors substantially for design reviews, thus providing a solid foundational design to support the backbone of the implementation in Pega based applications. When run on any application, will highlight for review the salient design decisions taken or any apparent design best practice violations, thereby offering a 360 degree view of the application design.

Focus Industry
Applicable to all Pega development projects across Industries.

Contact: Rashmi Nanjundappa

TCS-Pega Auto Product and Release Notes Generator ©

This is a delivery accelerator which helps Pega developers to create a consolidated product rule and release notes document automatically, thereby reducing the manual effort otherwise spent by the technical team during the deployment process of Pega based applications.

Outcomes this solution can drive

  • Maintaining uniformity of product rule and release document.
  • Access to dashboard of reports to track drops in progress/resolved and drops per release/sprint.

Focus Industry
Applicable to all Pega development projects across Industries.

Contact: Rashmi Nanjundappa

TCS Connected Digital Health platform

Connected Digital Health is a digital sensor based validation platform that can be enabled for sensorized clinical trial and patient monitoring encompassing-- pre-screening, post procedure rehabilitation tracking and product evaluation. Developed on top of Pega’s Care Management for Healthcare framework.

Outcomes this solution can drive

  • Support data collection from non-invasive sensors and wearable gadgets
  • In-home or in-clinic data collection support
  • Longitudinal representation of physiological parameters
  • On-demand bio-marker detection

Focus Industry
Medical Device Manufacturers, Pharma.

Contact: Rashmi Nanjundappa

TCS Health Care: Travel Urgent Assistance

Travel Urgent Assistance is a Pega Robotic Desktop Automation(RDA) and Decision Strategy Manager (DSM) based solution that helps patients on travel to seek emergency medical assistance. The system uses BOTs to extract patients history from the medical journal, identifies nearest hospital with special care facilities and physicians and guides the patient by initiating an Urgent Care Assistance case.

Outcomes this solution can drive

  • Preliminary medical advice to patient
  • A wellness program
  • Visit to the specialist or admission to an inpatient facility based on severity

Focus Industry

Contact: Rashmi Nanjundappa

Customer Success

TCS Delivers Enterprise-wide Pega Projects.


How TCS and WorldPay successfully automated dispute processing

Worldpay is one of the most trusted and respected organizations in the payment processing industry, as well as the nation's largest PIN debit acquirer as per The Nilson Report. Worldpay’s journey with Pega exemplifies how automated Case Management simplified the dispute and chargeback processes for 1000+ happy financial institutions.


TCS – “Pega is a Journey, Not a Destination” – A Next Gen Transformation Story at LBG

Pega has been chosen as the strategic BPM platform for Lloyds Banking Group and implemented many flagship projects with the help of TCS.


TCS – CRM Evolution in TalkTalk

Hear how TCS helped TalkTalk transform from Salesforce to Pega with success rate of 99.99%. TalkTalk now has a 360 degree view of the Customer and the ability to take in payments while tailoring the Next Best Offer.


TCS: Sustaining Growth though Centralized Decisioning in an Omni-Channel Environment at Elisa

Hear how Elisa is transforming decisioning to drive customer experience and improve customer value.


TCS and VIVAT Customer Success Story

Learn how VIVAT transformed their business to become a customer-centric digital-first insurance provider.

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Upgrade Solutions

TCS is a Pega Upgrade Innovation Center with its cost-effective innovative upgrade models that accelerate and streamlines upgrade, including transitioning from on-premise deployments to cloud.

TCS’ inhouse tools, such as TCS Pega Upgrade Assistant, gives guidance on the upgrade approach, automatic rule inventory report creation, and analyze impacted rule types. It addresses upgrade issues like:

  • What can be the problem areas on upgrade
  • What will be the total effort spent on upgrade
  • Which best practices or choices needs to be followed in the specific upgrade

To solve these issues and automate the upgrade process, TCS Pega Upgrade Assistant deploys on the current Pega project (in Dev or Test) environment which identifies problem areas, predicts estimated upgrade hours and proposes recommendations.

The benefits are:

  • Business clarity on the upgrade effort
  • Assurance of stable application post upgrade
  • No developer hours wasted in investigating common upgrade issues

Get the most out of Pega with TCS as your Strategic Partner

Talk to an expert and see how TCS can help you achieve performance breakthroughs from large scale Pega transformation projects.

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