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Cognizant Technology Solutions

Headquartered in Teaneck, New Jersey (U.S.), Cognizant combines a passion for client satisfaction, technology innovation, deep industry and business process expertise and a global, collaborative workforce that embodies the future of work. With almost 250,000 employees, Cognizant is a member of the NASDAQ-100, the S&P 500, the Forbes Global 2000 and the Fortune 500 and is ranked among the top performing and fastest growing companies in the world.

We invite you to watch Cognizant’s latest videos that describe key client challenges and our joint solution offerings, with real-world case study examples. Discover how Cognizant – together with Pega – can help your organization reap tangible results from the powerful combination of Pega industry-leading technology innovation and top-tier industry solution offerings.

Jumpstart change at the Cognizant Pega Digital Innovation Center

Schedule an innovation session today to tailor an experience that will address the business goals and outcomes that you want to achieve through digital transformation.

Customer Success


Truist Manages Mortgage Forbearance Via Touchless Automated Workflow

In this session, TRUIST technology leadership will talk about the business challenges faced due to COVID-19 impact in the mortgage servicing space.

Motor Insurers’ Bureau’s Insurance Ecosystem Digitally Transforms the Customer Experience through the Pega Platform

Learn how the Motor Insurers' Bureau's (MIB) digital transformation journey delivered the Pega Platform™ with support from Cognizant via a strategic program to improve customer experience, create a platform architecture, and deliver digital straight-through processes.


Google Leverages Pega Robotic Process Automation to Scale Data Center Access Requests

In this session, learn how the NetDeploy & Operations team manages engineering work in data center facilities.


Leveraging Pega to Simplify the IT Landscape While Improving the Customer Experience

Learn how this program is retiring legacy workflow, contact center, and customer service platforms – all while improving the customer and associate experience.

Expertise and Insights

Together, Cognizant and Pega are helping businesses harness their CRM to achieve digital transformation with personalized customer experiences powered by AI, automation, design thinking principles and robotics.

Pega Discover: Intelligent Automation Online Summit: The Fall of the Alt+Tab Champion

Hear the story of Intelligent Automation from the survivors of ING and Cognizant who partnered in this journey of digital transformation and were able to eliminate 2 large legacy application who were blocking the digital path.

1:1 Customer Engagement: Markets of one

Ben Pring, Cognizant’s head of thought leadership and managing director for the Center for the Future of Work, discusses the importance of treating customers as individuals and the importance of data-driven intelligence.

Evolve into a Digital Platform

Cognizant discusses ways to evolve into a digital platform at CRM Evolved.

A Personalized Approach

Cognizant talks about Next-Best-Action and Personalization at CRM Evolved.

Code Halos

Every digital click, swipe, "like", buy, comment and search produces a unique virtual identity – something we call a Code Halo™. While Code Halos are important to each of us, they are becoming increasingly vital to the success of every business.

Successful Pega Engagement

Cognizant has deployed over 900 successful Pega projects and is the oldest Pega Partner. Ayan Sengupta discusses how Cognizant ensures successful deliveries for its Pega clients.

Ayan Sengupta: Pega Platform

Cognizant's Ayan Sengupta describes the features of the Pega Platform and why Cognizant has made a significant investment in enabling its team on this exciting new technology.

Focus on Insurance

Cognizant’s Ben Bengtson describes key customer challenges and joint Cognizant and Pega solution offerings in Insurance, with real-world case study examples.

Solutions We've Built

The Digital Transformation Journey

Continuing on the Digital Transformation journey requires the right partners. Cognizant and Pega can work with you to transform your business.

Digital "Code Halos"

Every digital click, swipe, "like", buy, comment and search produces a unique virtual identity – something Cognizant calls a Code Halo™. While Code Halos are important to each of us, they are becoming increasingly vital to the success of every business.

Unparalleled Delivery Experience and Expertise

Cognizant has the longest running and largest Pega Practice globally and has delivered over 900 successful Pega projects.

Increasing Client Value

Pega's Build for Change® Platform brings new solutions to life with simplicity and speed for adaptability to changing business needs. With Pega's unified platform, you can create a strong partnership between business and IT to ensure solutions deliver maximum business value.

Cognizant has developed a comprehensive methodology for upgrading PRPC integrating the best practices and tools offered by Pega with Cognizant’s BPM acumen and in-house IP based tools. As a trusted partner of the Pega-Partner Innovation Center, Cognizant will support the Pega-Partner Innovation Center initiative for product upgrades. Through this program, Cognizant will help maximize existing applications more quickly and cost-effectively, while enabling clients to take optimal advantage of Pega upgrade features.

Financial Services and Insurance

Cognizant helps some of Pega's longet standing banking and insurance clients develop and deliver business solutions that drive efficiency, effectiveness, innovation and virtualization.

  • Recovery Solution | Cognizant’s Recovery Solution complements Pega Collections Framework, to provide complete visibility of the recovery process to the Bankers to minimize the losses arising due to litigation. Empowered by Advanced Analytics capabilities, this solution provides capability of internal and external communication, seamless data flows, enhanced documentation, agency management and reporting.

Healthcare, Life Sciences and Government

Pega and Cognizant have helped Healthcare and Life Sciences clients deliver transformational results, providing business advantages as well as customer satisfaction.

  • Medicaid Eligibility Solution | This solution enables US State Government agencies to comply with the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (ACA) by implementing new Medicaid rules, new interfaces with federal agencies and a mechanism to accept pre-enrollment applications. It additionally supports eligibility determination for applications submitted through a web-based user interface.

Manufacturing, Logistics & Automotive

Pega and Cognizant collaboratively have helped Top automotive clients in implementing Pega solutions across multiple LOBs which has demonstrated some of the benefits, like:

  • Automating Direct Part Conformance Process right from assembly line side to the final product
  • Standardized Business Process across multiple Manufacturing plants
  • Reduced Parts Procurement Lead Time by 60% from 25 days to
  • On-boarded Internal as well as 5000+ External suppliers to use the Pega
  • Automated part replenishment process at assembly line by implementing Mobile App which triggers workflow by scanning barcodes
  • Streamline the Auditing process for System and process audits
  • Legacy Transformation from a .Net based application
  • Decision process and NBAM for presenting customers with the next best search and offers respectively
  • Cognizant has implemented Pega’s RPA & RDA product for large Manufacturing companies resulting in optimizing workforce and making it helping it become more intelligent and self-driven
  • Created solutions based on Decision Hub and Analytics resulting in Machine Learning and Adaptive, Predictive Pattern management

Retail & Consumer Goods

Retail & Consumer Goods Practice at Cognizant and Pega have helped multiple Retail clients implement Pega solution which orchestrates across their enterprise systems enabling automation, standardization and agility. Based on the implementation experiences, we have observed the Pega solution bring benefits across the following areas:

  • SAP Integration – Retail customers throughout leverage SAP as one of key enterprise systems and SAP Integration Solution created by Cognizant on Pega orchestrates on top of SAP enabling agility, process orchestration with minimum cost
  • Business Rules Management – Cognizant has helped multiple clients with Pega’s BRMS implementation which is the best rules engine in the industry and in turn helps Retail clients to build a rules repository which drives business validation and rules based flows
  • Process Automation – The Pega Platform's case management enables retail clients to automate process pertaining to LOBs like HR, Finance, and Credit Risk etc.
  • Digital Customer Experience – Cognizant has helped top retail clients improve their Digital Customer Experience leveraging Pega’s platform making it more personalized and predictive based on customer profile
  • Omni-Channel – Cognizant’s extensive industry experience in Retail & Consumer Goods Sector coupled with their solid expertise in Pega Platform have significantly improved Omni Channel experience and enabled seamless integration with other platforms and channels leveraging Pega
  • Customer Decision Hub – One of the latest and the smartest tool of Pega is the CDH. Cognizant has implemented CDH along with Pega Marketing and Customer Service for multiple clients helping them achieve the right Customer Centric approach and full CRM experience coupled with Decision Strategy, Analytics and Self Learning abilities

Travel, Hospitality & Entertainment

Cognizant and Pega have helped clients in transforming customer experience through implementation of Customer service, Decision process and Next Best Action capabilities in Pega. This has enhanced Customer engagement and drastically improved customer experience.

Offers are pricing are one of the key LOBs in an hospitality industry and with the use of Pega Customer Decision Hub clients can analyze customer buying behavior through historical data and decision rules, and propose the right offer at an individual level.

Cognizant has also leveraged Pega”s Marketing & CRM framework to provide campaign management, Target offer Management to various clients across Travel & Entertainment industry.

Communications, Media & Technology

Cognizant and Pega have worked in a collaborative manner in helping clients by developing real time Analytical Engine based on Pega Decision Strategy Manager (DSM) to prioritize the right offers and roll them out during inbound customer interactions.

Some of the key benefits are:

  • Detailed guidance and more personalized interaction
  • Reduced guess work and intuition
  • Enhanced dashboard, summarized and detailed reporting for Marketing managers
  • Easy tuning of the rules and configurations
  • Reduced maintenance costs, less deployment times & no dependencies

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Schedule an innovation session today to tailor an experience that will address the business goals and outcomes that you want to achieve through digital transformation.

White Paper

Organizations invest in software upgrades to benefit from new features and functionalities that improve business performance, ensure continued product support and increase overall productivity.


Cognizant's Pegasystems capability and implementation success is unmatched.

White Paper

A global study of 500 senior banking & insurance executives by Cognizant, Marketforce, and Pegasystems.

Upgrade Solutions

Cognizant, a Pega Platinum Partner, has developed a comprehensive methodology for upgrading Pega applications integrating the best practices and tools offered by Pega with Cognizant’s deep product acumen and in-house IP based tools. As a trusted partner Cognizant will support the Pega-Partner initiatives for product upgrades. Through this on-going program, Cognizant will help upgrade old Pega 7.x applications more quickly and cost-effectively, while enabling clients to take optimal advantage of Pega’s newer capabilities and features.

Cognizant’s upgrade approach:

  • Enables faster Pega application upgrades
  • Leverages and complements Pega’s OOTB offerings across all phases of implementation through Cognizant’s proprietary upgrade accelerators
  • Standardizes the migration effort estimation process for reliable budgeting
  • Enables compliance and adherence with Pega best practices
  • Mitigates implementation risks through our deep insight into Pega platforms

To note: Cognizant, a Pega Platinum Partner, has been engaged with Pega since 1999, deploying hundreds of successful Pega version client upgrades and hundreds of Pega solution deployments worldwide, more than any other Pega partner to date.

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