Sales Automation Software

Do you have the right sales automation software?

Your sales automation software should standardize and accelerate your sales process. But most sales automation packages are little more than repositories for data rather than an integral part of the sales process. To manage their leads and sales activity, members of the sales team often end up using individual work-arounds based on spreadsheets, forecasts and reports. That means that sales process management can’t easily be standardized or refined to include best practices and methodologies for particular geographies, customers and business units.

Pega changes all that. By integrating with and automating the entire sales process – from prospecting and lead assignments to onboarding and fulfillment – Pega increases success at every stage of the sales lifecycle.


CRM Evolved

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Pega Sales Automation vs. Salesforce Sales Cloud

With products, pricing, regulations, channels, and competition changing at a breakneck pace, it's time to reevaluate how your sales automation system is supporting or slowing down your business.

Take control with Pega Sales Automation software.

With strategic applications for sales, marketing, service and operations, Pega enables the world’s largest and most sophisticated companies to streamline business processes, connect with customers across all channels and adapt to meet the realities of a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Enhancing traditional sales automation technology with intelligent guidance, Pega Sales Automation software can be easily adapted for your unique sales process. Pega is the only solution that fully automates the complete sales cycle, enabling your sales teams to unite around a single solution and dramatically increasing adoption rates.

Deployed in the cloud or on premise, Pega can quickly standardize the sales process across multiple business units, team members, geographies, accounts, products and channels while dynamically adapting to specialized circumstances.

Advantages of Pega’s Sales Automation software.

But consistently applying sales methodology and dynamically adjusting the process for unique sales situations, Pega enables you to configure and execute the sales process that is right for your business. With Pega you can:

  • Close sales faster with guided selling. Pega uses a blend of predictive analytics and automated decisioning to recommend the next best action for reps at each step in the sales cycle.
  • Streamline the sales process. Pega’s adaptive case management capabilities intelligently route and promote leads and opportunities to the right person with minimal intervention.
  • Simplify reporting. Get a real-time view into your pipeline with dashboards and reports for contacts, leads, opportunities and forecasts across all sales teams.
  • Enable collaboration. Pega Sales Automation software lets your team seamlessly deliver the sales experience on any device.

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