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Pega's unified customer contact center interface is beautiful to work with, yet powerful enough to support the customer service complexities of large organizations.

Pega Customer Service consolidates relevant customer information from your legacy systems, interaction data, and service requests into a composite view. That way, Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) have the full 360-degree view of your customers. These customer composites provide relevant account detail, interaction history across channels, and recent service requests. They dynamically display customer information based on the customer context and current situation. Your CSRs can quickly search for contacts, accounts, service requests (cases), and knowledge content.

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The Pega Customer Service application automatically tracks CSR actions during customer interactions, research, and while working or resolving service requests. Interaction history provides clear insight into what actions were taken on behalf of a customer during an interaction and related service requests.

Pega Customer Service includes a wide variety of standard reports and graphs providing real-time information regarding processes, work, assignments, and historical data for analyzing contact center performance over time. Powerful drill-down analysis capabilities enable you to travel from a summary view of your entire operation down to the details of a single service-request case.

Pega Customer Service has built-in support to manage not only B2C and B2B interactions, but also agent-based service scenarios like B2B2C. That way, CSRs can see the appropriate context and view of the customer, even when they are supporting multiple clients.

The Pega Customer Service desktop application provides accessibility support. UI elements include support for both mouse and keyboard actions. When coupled with the Pega 7 Web Accessibility rule set, Pega generates appropriate markup that is compatible with common screen readers and accessibility devices to assist with ADA/508 requirements.

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