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Customer Success Software

Improve retention with customer success software

It takes sophisticated customer success software to successfully manage enterprise customer retention.

Customer success initiatives work to ensure that customers are getting full benefit from the products or services they have purchased, increasing the likelihood that they will remain customers and increase their lifetime value through additional sales.

Customer success software measures "customer health" by collecting and analyzing a wide variety of data points from customer support software, billing systems and product usage to understand customer behavior and customer satisfaction. Pega will also help organize and automate the work of communicating with customers to increase success and ultimately improve retention.

As a provider of a leading customer support platform for Global 2000 companies, Pega offers customer success software as part of a with comprehensive tools for measuring, analyzing and improving customer health.


Pega provides an always-on, digital customer brain.

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Customer service solution buyers report growing pressure from their colleagues utilizing Salesforce.com’s Sales Cloud to also adopt Service Cloud to offset price increases. Customer service professionals should, however, think twice.

Customer success software from Pega

Pega's industry-leading customer service platform for sales, marketing, service and operations helps to streamline business processes, connect with customers across channels, and quickly adapt to changing business requirements.

As a customer success software solution, Pega provides predictive analytics that leverage real-time, historical and big data to understand customer health and monitor behavior patterns. Intelligent guidance provides step-by-step suggestions for customer success teams, enabling them to take the next best action or deliver the best offer, message or content at the right time through the best channel. And Pega Customer Service, the highest-rated customer service application for large organizations, enables teams to consistently deliver exceptional service experiences to improve customer health and retention rates.

Capabilities of Pega's customer success software

When you choose Pega, you can:

  • Engage customers in omni-channel communication, meeting them on any channel they choose and following them seamlessly across channels and devices without losing context.
  • Deliver on your promises to customers with case management capabilities that connect all the people and systems required to resolve each customer inquiry quickly and efficiently.
  • Use real-time analytics and predictive modeling to continually evaluate the context of each customer interaction and recommend the best action to take to meet the customer's needs while fulfilling your business objectives.
  • Increase customer lifetime value by ensuring customer success and executing upsell and cross-sell strategies that maximize margins while also serving customer needs more effectively.

Learn more about customer success software from Pega, and about Pega solutions for customer engagement software and customer service management software.