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Designed for change: Situational Layer Cake

Your business is multidimensional. Fitting it into a one-dimensional platform results in fragmented systems, fortified silos, and failed projects. Talk about frustrating.

Multiple products. Multiple regions. Multiple channels. Different types of customers. Without flexible, reusable, scalable software, you’re stuck reinventing the wheel every time the business changes and grows.

That’s where our patented Situational Layer Cake™ architecture comes in. Working in layers makes specializing a cinch, differentiating doable, and applications – well, applicable – to any situation, every time, at any scale.

Powerful technology organizes your processes, rules, data models, and UI into layers – making complexity a piece of cake. A deliciously simple, decidedly brilliant Situational Layer Cake.

Roll out new products. Expand to new regions. Bring in new channels without copying, rewriting, or messing up your application. Adapt to what’s different and new without affecting the existing layers. How’s that for agility?

Whether your needs are straightforward or future-focused, when you architect your application in layers, reuse is practically guaranteed. You get more out of your investments. You get to market faster. You spend less time on infrastructure and more time on innovation. Watch the video to learn more.


You sell multiple products in multiple regions. You operate across multiple channels serving different types of customers. Product, region, channel, customer, these are the critical dimensions of your business. If today's businesses need to deliver multi-dimensional experiences, why are most application platforms one dimensional? As you roll an application out across your enterprise, these platforms force you to choose between two evils, create a copy of your application for each product, region or channel maintaining changes in two places, five places, 25 places. Or try and cram everything into a single common practice and lose the ability to differentiate your products, satisfy local regulations, or deliver a tailored experience. The Pega 7 platform is different. It mirrors your business by capturing the critical business dimensions within Pega's patented situational layer cake. Everything you build in the Pega 7 platform, processes, rules, data models, UI is organized into layers within the situational layer cake. This means you can roll out new products, regions, or channels without copying or rewriting your application. The situational layer cake lets you declare what is different and only what is different into layers that match each dimension of your business. When a user executes the application, the Pega 7 platform slices through the situational layer cake and automatically assembles an experience that is tailored exactly to that user's context. Layers are independently versioned so you can easily pilot new innovations by deploying changes to a select group of users and scale easily from first project to transformational program. Things that are common across dimensions remain untouched and are automatically re-used speeding change and ensuring consistency. Pega 7 situational layer cake let you roll back to any previous version instantly so you can show auditors exactly how the application behaved in the past. Pega 7 situational layer cake enables agility when launching new innovations while making it easy to deliver the tailored experience today's customers expect. Our world is constantly changing, only Pega lets you build for change.


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