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Case Study

American Express exceeds customer expectations

"We set out to create an integrated solution that meets the needs of customers and exceeds their expectations."

Jim Bush Executive Vice President, World Service, American Express

The Business Issue

American Express recognized the state of their customer service was suffering. The Company set out to create an integrated solution that meets the needs of customers and exceeds their expectations in a way that’s driven through the eyes of the customer. This huge global company also wanted to be able to still deliver local, personalized service to its customers. American Express called this new focus "Relationship Care℠."

The Solution

American Express enlisted Pega to help build a new end-to-end system designed to provide excellent care for American Express customers, based on their new relationship servicing model designed to build and deepen customer relationships.

  • Create an integrated network to deliver service regardless of location
  • Meet the customers’ unique needs
  • Develop a culture defined by a passion to serve

American Express adopted agile solutions to develop the actual solutions, and business process management and knowledge management technology were brought in.

The Results

Focusing on the customer has really paid off for American Express:

  • Customer satisfaction has tripled
  • Expense and service margins have decreased
  • Customer handling time is lower for the best agents and the most satisfied customers
  • 10% increased cardmember spend
  • 4X lower card member attrition

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