Maximizing Outcomes

Maximize outcomes

The right tech is only the beginning. If you really want results that make you stand out, combine Pega’s powerful software with our proven approach to delivery – designed to maximize value, reduce risks, and set your team up for future success.

"The idea behind using technology isn't just doing it for technology’s sake. The idea is to be more efficient and effective."

Be journey-centric

Building from your legacy environment up, or from a channel in? You might be making a big mistake – and potentially slowing down your digital transformation efforts.

Instead, focus on building for one customer journey at a time. Aim to start small with a Minimum Loveable Product, deliver results, and then expand the solution. Establish a cadence and you’ll be able to rapidly deploy work you can take pride in.

What next?

  • Identify your customer journeys, the associated data, and the personas involved.
  • Prioritize according to business benefit and estimated effort.
  • Build for outcomes, not your current processes.
Rapid Implementation. Total Control.

Roadmap your digital transformation journey and pave the way for rapid deployment.

Adopt co-production

Imagine a world where business users create their own solutions. The more these teams can contribute to outcomes in a meaningful way, the better the results. After all, who understands your vision and processes better than your own people?

Adopting co-production also reduces your total cost of ownership, because you get more value from your internal resources. As your team gets more and more comfortable with Pega, they’ll take the wheel and drive.

To make it happen:

  • Identify tech-savvy businesspeople frustrated with the pace of change and hungry to innovate.
  • Conduct role-based training and certification through Pega Academy prior to project kickoff.
  • Get them involved in meaningful, hands-on configuration and testing.
  • Continuously monitor how they’re doing on your company’s personalized page on the Pega Discovery Network (PDN).
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Lean on our tech

Honestly, we don’t mind. In fact, we want you to get the most out of Pega technology, because we love to deliver maximum value to your business.

When you take full advantage of all that Pega has to offer, you maximize efficiency, quality, and value. Project management is built into our unified platform, so you have the tools and insights you need to capture artifacts and rapidly deploy quality apps, every time.

How to get there:

  • Use Pega Agile Workbench and Agile Studio to track progress and capture new work in real time.
  • Insist on high Guardrail compliance scores to maximize the quality and speed of model-driven development.
  • Compliment your traditional application monitoring with Pega’s Predictive Diagnostic Cloud (PDC) to get a holistic view of your applications’ health.
Embrace Openness
Unified and Built for Change

Put away the needle and thread, you’re done stitching together different technologies.

Directly Capture Objectives

Visualize solutions. Capture objectives. Drive seamless collaboration between business and IT.

Visualize your solutions

Business apps should be built by businesspeople. Sounds logical enough, but how do you put it into action?

Pega’s ability to Directly Capture Objectives (DCO) lets your business experts visualize the solutions they need without having to write lengthy requirements. Say goodbye to lengthy translation times between business and IT, and hello to common visual models that securely capture goals, processes, and UI.

Make it happen:

  • Commit to using Pega DCO for business and IT collaboration.
  • Take advantage of Pega’s easy-to-access training courses.
  • Commit to continuous “show and tell” sessions throughout the process.
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Use multi-level governance

Rapid delivery demands strong executive sponsorship. You’ll also need transparency, quick decision-making, and tight collaboration. We’ve seen clients get the best results with a three-tier governance structure (Scrum team(s), project management, and executives) – where critical information flows freely from top to bottom and vice versa.

Follow their recipe:

  • Identify the stakeholders, insist on participation, and commit calendars upfront.
  • Ensure everyone has a seat at the table – your business, a systems integrator, and Pega
  • Use our prescriptive governance artifacts to ensure transparency and risk mitigation
Go from Vision to Production-ready

Use these tips to ensure your release is fully tested before launch.

Test early and often

Testing doesn’t have to be a burden. Thanks to Pega’s testing and DevOps capabilities, your effort is lighter and faster. You don’t code, so there’s far less room for error. What’s more, PegaUnit and Guardrails are built-in testing accelerators, so you know precisely where you have issues and where you’re following best practices.

Approach testing intelligently:

  • Let PegaUnit catch problems early when they’re easier to fix.
  • Review Guardrail alerts to pinpoint what needs attention.
  • Use automated test suites to reduce time and cost.
  • Incorporate continuous user acceptance testing to avoid major reworking.
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