Cobertura na mídia


Cobertura na mídia

Ser digno de publicação é pouco. As nossas soluções líderes do mercado ajudam as maiores empresas do mundo a desenvolver aplicativos revolucionários.

Aug 10 2018

Hear how Pega client Unum is successfully implementing RPA.

Aug 06 2018
Value Inspiration

Pega's Ying Chen addresses using technology to achieve digital transformation.

Aug 03 2018
Destination CRM

Pega's Chris Benedetto explains flaws found in sales software today and a roadmap for better...

Aug 01 2018
Technology Evaluation Centers

How Pega is unifying customer engagement, CRM, and DPA software solutions.

Jul 24 2018

Expert data management advice in the age of GDPR from Pega's Jeff Nicholson.

Jul 19 2018
Destination CRM

New capabilities give organizations tools to deliver superior digital experiences.

Jul 17 2018

How customers and vendors view digital transformation, including Pega clients JPMC and Genworth...

Jul 17 2018
Technology Evaluation Centers

A deep dive into PegaWorld including Pega Infinity, GDPR, AI, and client success stories.

Jul 12 2018
The European

A summary of PegaWorld 2018 and the thoughts of the industry's top technology leaders (p16-18...

Jul 12 2018

Are businesses overlooking their GDPR obligations?