Decision Hub

Optimize real-time decision management with a predictive
Decision Hub


Self-learning models produce relevant, suggested actions that allow for adaptive, real-time decisioning. Personalize every action across all channels to maximize the value of each decision.


Harness a single, intelligent decision authority that unifies decision management consistently and coherently across all channels.


Act with accuracy and speed without compromising your sophisticated decision-making process.

Test, Learn & Act in Real-Time

Self-learning models fueled by contextual data improve inflight interactions in real-time. Information obtained during a dynamic conversation informs the model, which causes the system to refresh its recommendations instantly and continuously—dramatically improving results.

Make Better Decisions Faster

Develop balanced next-best-action strategies by rapidly configuring, sequencing, and arbitrating between a variety of company and customer tactics such as sales, service, risk and operational decisions.

Monetize Big Data

Transform streams of data into valuable business decisions and actions, resulting in significant revenue gains. Listen to all types of signals, find meaningful patterns, proactively anticipate a customer’s needs by discovering meaningful patterns, and acting in real-time.
 Improve Outcomes With

Predictive Intelligence

Apply predictive intelligence to every business decision. Develop statistical models in hours – not days or weeks. Your models inform best actions throughout the customer lifecycle, from shopping to purchase to service and support.
 Imagine the Future With

Visualization & Simulation

Continuously improve results by visualizing how future adjustments to your strategies can impact business performance. Simulate and test your ideas, evaluate the results using intuitive views, and then deploy optimal alterations.

Additional Product Features

Decision Hub supports connection to Big Data repositories including Hbase, Hadoop, and Cassandra.
Store a photographic memory of a customer over time.
Operationalize existing predictive models by using PMML to minimize integration effort.
Enrich unstructured data by detecting topic and sentiment to deliver actionable insight and intelligence.
Pegasystems and DocuSign have announced a technology partnership enabling enterprises to integrate DocuSign's digital signature capabilities within Pega's CRM applications and the Pega 7 Platform.
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Decision Management