PegaWorld 2019: Driving business value through bots at Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) is passionate about leading the transformation of Healthcare in NC - delivering innovative solutions that simplify the health care system, improve efficiency and outcomes, and help rein in costs. Harnessing the power of Digital Process Automation, Robotics is proving to be a key enabler towards such transformation. Blue Cross NC has leapfrogged into the next level of digital process automation, by not only transforming enterprise processes leveraging the Pega platform, but also increasing business value creation by identifying opportunities to leverage Pega BOTs and implementing them. In the first year, they unlocked over $10M in Business Value. In its journey to achieve its ‘value-to-market’ objective, Blue Cross NC has created a continuous delivery capability, where it is able to implement BOTs every 4 weeks. In this session, hear this powerful success story of the digital automation journey from running a pilot to churning out BOTs in a continuous delivery model along with the lessons learned along the way.


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