iFuture: The Internet of Everything Has Arrived in Government

In 1951, author Ray Bradbury described the Happylife Home in his short story, "The Veldt." The home was filled with machines that do everything, from cooking meals to remotely locking doors and windows to heating and cooling the house based on the occupants' desires. At the time, the story seemed like a futuristic sci-fi narrative, but now, more than 60 years later these futuristic technologies are becoming a reality. And now automated efficiencies like the Department of Agriculture's RFID tags for tracking cattle are making a name for themselves in government. Read this Industry Perspective to find out more about the following as it pertains to government:

  • Internet of Everything
  • What is Intelligent BPM?
  • Internet of Everything on the move
  • Zeroing in on good data
  • Think big, start small
  • A new breed of innovation