Brian Solis The Moment of Truth - Connected Customers (Video)

Brian Solis on Pegaworld mainstage: And then one day, it happened. Customers changed. How they make decisions changed. What they value and how they want to do business changed. The funny thing is...we didn’t. Now we can and a new generation of technologies and services make it possible to not only react but lead customer experiences moving forward.

To effectively compete in the digital economy, you are left with no choice; become customer-obsessed or lose! Every moment-of-truth counts when it comes to customer loyalty. For some, this paradigm shift will be easy. For many, you will have to re-think your business model.

Leading digital analyst and anthropologist Brian Solis will share his views on how customers have changed. More so, Brian will discuss how technology got in the way of our own evolution and innovation and invite us to see new ways to adapt and thrive.


  • Brian Solis, Principal Analyst, Altimeter Group


  • Product Area: Customer Service
  • Product Area: Marketing
  • Product Area: Sales Automation
  • Topic: PegaWorld
  • Topic: Customer Service
  • Topic: CRM
  • Topic: Marketing Automation
  • Topic: Sales Automation

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